Hari Raya is quite close to my heart. It’s one of the most significant festivals I used to celebrate with my friends.
I used to fast for a few weeks. It can be challenging yet at the same time can be an eye-opener.
The power to constraint your body from food and drinks for 12-14 hours a day can bring you to see the life from a different perspective.
I’d said the fun part was going to the Pasar Ramadhan. Choosing from the variety of kuih muih, nasi, ikan bakar, a variety of drinks and lots of other food, you feel you want them all.
After that, waiting for the last 30-40mins before you can eat can be excruciating. And once you heard the Azan Mahgrib, the first thing I’d grab was water.
Pure natural water. When I had my water, the first thing comes to my mind is how much I’d take water for granted as if it will be there for me daily. But, do you know in some part of the world, clean water is hard to come by?
Hari Raya is always enjoyable to celebrate, and I love the fireworks and the food, oh my gosh, all the lemang, rendang and lontong are so so amazing!
Fast forward today, I’m no longer fasting, but My sister and I’d always take a chance to have our mini Hari Raya celebration at home. We will cook rendang, ketupat, nasi kerabu (because we’re kelantanese) and kuah kacang.
So, I’d take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends. And please be careful and drive safely when you’re on the road.