When the government announced more relaxation on the SOP, we were so excited and just wanted to find a place to have a small victory celebration.

You must understand before this; we have not dined in any place. So, this is something special for us.

Peninsula 1957 is always on my radar because we lived close to this place, and also, it just opened up this year.

I love how fancy it looks outside. It has this 50s or 60s vibe.

Also love the blue wall colour. It is something different. It reminded me of Santorini Color. Ahh… such a beautiful place.

Peninsula 1957

However, I was sceptical at first. The google review is not so great. Some people complain about the food and service here.

That is why it took me a while to visit this place.

Bear in mind, I visited this place on Friday morning, workday at about 11 mornings on 29th April 2022.

So the occupancy of the restaurant is about 80%.

When we entered the shop, we were greeted by the waitress, which was nice. A young girl, maybe in her early 20s or teenager. Friendly and helpful.

We choose our place next to the wall glass, where you can look outside. It’s not hot, yet you can enjoy the scenery outdoors. So it is lovely. The table can be seated by four people.

We were given a menu immediately. We choose the food from the menu and write it down on paper.

When it comes to a new place, I would always order the best seller items; usually, they will mark ** on the menu or other indication.

So, this is what we ordered.

Hainanese Famous Butter Coffee

1. Hainanese Famous Butter Coffee RM4

When served, the butter is slowly melted and mixed into the coffee.

However, the flavour of the coffee does not disappoint me at all. 

The coffee was served warm, not hot. Anyway, it is still within an acceptable level, but you do need to consume it fast or else it will cool down soon.

I love how thick, rich, and creamy this Hainanese coffee is. 

I also love the bitterness in this Hainanese coffee.

As you have the first sip, you can taste the mild butter aroma on the coffee surface.

Believe it or not. I love it!

If one thing I could change is the sweetness level.

I love the less sweet coffee. As I have been drinking Kopi-o without sugar for months now, but to some people, this sweetness might be a perfect go.


Rate: 7/10

2. Hainanese Bread Kaya & Snow Butter RM3.20

The Hainanese Bread Kaya & Butter is a must to try when visiting any Hainanese Kopitiam. The bread is served slightly warm. But, when I had my first bite, it had cooled down. 

Anyway, it doesn’t change that they make perfect Hainanese Bread, Kaya and Butter.

Hainanese Bread is the fluffy white bread that you can buy from the supermarket or grocery store. 

Usually, you can either toast it ( my fav way) or steam it. It’s good either way.

They usually toast the bread and spread it with Kaya and mid-thick butter.

So, when you have a bite, you can taste the creamy, rich butter in your mouth and accompany it with the stunning Hainanese kaya.

Honestly, I do enjoy it!

But did I have better than this one before? 

Yes, I did.  

Rate: 6.5/10

3. Signature Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak RM14.90

When served, the Signature Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak looks appetising. The rice is still slightly warm. 

The Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak is served with one piece of chicken thigh, a generous amount of sambal, some fried anchovies and peanuts, a half-boiled egg, one fried papadom, and some raw veggies and Acar on the side.

I also love how the shop serves the nasi lemak with a piece of banana leaf underneath the nasi lemak. 

That shows the commitment to presentation and authenticity by the owner.

However, the Chicken Rendang and the Nasi lemak Sambal are not the kinds I am used to.

Personally, growing up, I was exposed to two types of Nasi Lemak. 

One is the Chinese version. Less spicy and less fragrant. But, when made right, it is also quite delicious.

The second is the authentic version. Malay version. Rich, creamy, lots of spices and herbs, and spiciness is a must.

I used to eat the second version. So, this chicken rendang in Peninsula 1957 is more similar to the first version. Not bad. Just decent.

I prefer Old Town chicken rendang compared to this, but I’m not too fond of the portion and price in Old Town. For me, it is too expensive for a small portion!!


4. Portuguese Tart RM3

Portuguese Tart is one of my favourite desserts. Having said that, I must say the best Portuguese Tart I ever had was when I was in Macau.

Everywhere I went in Macau, people sold Portuguese Tarts. I can’t remember where, but there is a place in Macau where you can get the best Portuguese Tart, and I went there.

Oh my, it is the best Portuguese Tart ever. Warm, creamy, rich, sweet, flaky, and everything about it is perfect!

So, when I’m back in Malaysia obviously, I will search for one. But, I never found one that could come as close as I had in Macau.

However, this Portuguese Tart by Peninsular 1957 is not bad either. It serves warm, creamy, rich, and I would say a good job!

Rate: 6.5/10

5. Curry Chicken Noodle RM13.90

The curry chicken noodle looks appetising. For me, it tastes like Nyonya Laksa. It is spicy on the side, but the amount of coconut milk they pour into the curry noodle is perfect!

The curry chicken noodle is flavourful, creamy, and spicy; the aroma is so tempting. It was served with some regular veggies like a beansprout, long bean, poached chicken, pork skin, fish cakes slices, and cockles too. 

Look at the absolutely stunning curry sauce. By just looking at the colour, you know this is good.

However, I wouldn’t say this is the best I had. Because last time I had one in Puchong, Selangor, sadly, the place is no longer around. That curry chicken noodle is the best for me. The curry broth is slightly spicier, and the aroma is more flavourful than this one.

Overall, it is still good, and I love it!

Will I order again?

Hell Yes! 

P/s: I even ordered a take out for my father. However, after reheating the curry broth noodle, it didn’t taste as good as when we had dine-in. 

The moral of the story, you need to dine in.


6. Chee Cheong Fun – sweet and curry sauce RM5 (Big) – THE WINNER

Never have I ever had the intention to order this Chee Cheong Fun. Because, you know. 

How great can a Chee Cheong Fun be, right?

But, my hubby has a thing for Chee Cheong Fun. He loves them. So, when he saw the Chee Cheong Fun on the menu. 

He said, “Let’s try this. And go big.”

I was sceptical at first. 

Since we ordered so much food, I worried we couldn’t finish it.

But, I think. 

What the hell. This is a small celebration; let’s do it.

Go big or go home. 

Oh boy, I’m glad we did. 

Firstly, look at the presentation?!

This is the first time I saw such a beautiful presentation for Chee Cheong Fun (CCF).

CCF usually serves in regular red or orange plastic plates. But, in this shop, they refuse to be expected.

They serve this CCF in this beautiful ceramic pattern plate.

When I took the CCF pictures, I was like, WOW! This is so stunning!

The blue plate and the stunning orange colour of curry sauce with the sweet sauce drizzle on the CCF and garnish with fried shallot complement each other.

Oh my, this shop is something. They are very attentive to the presentation.

After taking the pictures, I couldn’t hold it any longer but try it out. 

For the first bite, I took a little bit of CCF that had been drizzled by the sweet sauce and dipped my spoon in the curry sauce and took my first bite.

Oh boy, the CCF straight hit the point. 

The CCF and curry broth are still warm, just a pleasant temperature. Once it hits my mouth, it’s like, OMG! This is so freaking good!!

First of all, let me address the sweet sauce. The sweet sauce is not the regular Yong tau foo sweet sauce. 

This is a sweet red sauce. More flavourful and stand out than the regular kind of sweet sauce. This is like Perak style CCF sweet red sauce.

The CCF is smooth and still warm; I appreciate it so much. Typically, people rarely care about CCF; they serve it cool and compensate with the warm curry sauce. But here. They don’t.

The CCF is still warm. Then they pour the warm curry sauce into the CCF. And garnish the CCF with spring onion and fried shallot. 

The fried shallot is so fragrant that you can smell a hint of fried shallot when you take a bite.

Oh, I love how attentive the owner is by making a simple dish like this a superstar. 

Bravo for the effort!

Rate: 8/10

Writer comment:

The total damage for six dishes plus one takeaway curry noodle is about RM58.90.

I must say the price is reasonable and affordable.
The service is pretty quick and fast from when we enter until the food is served.

The place definitely looks clean, and all cutlery is organised well inside a box.

Overall, it is an enjoyable experience, and definitely, it is going to be my go to place.

However, bear in mind that it was not packed when we visited the place. So, everything is smooth and relaxing.

Usually, when a place is crowded, sometimes might impact the service and food. So, I would suggest visiting the place when it is less crowded to get the best experience.

Peninsula 1957
Address: 26G, Jln BS 1/2, Taman Bukit Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Phone: 018-981 0329
Daily 10am-3pm, 5-9pm

Special Note:

Unfortunately, since my last visit to the place, the quality of the food has dropped tremendously. While the ambiance is still nice and cozy, the food no longer lives up to expectations.

With love from our simple kitchen to yours.

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