Yoke Heng Restaurant is a common place I always go whenever I need a good and thick clay pot Lor Shu Fun. I’ve been going the place years now, and the standard is always there.

And every time I went there, I just hardly blog about the place. I always forget to bring my camera. This time, I determined to blog even with my handphone. Sorry if the pictures were not clear enough.

It is a family business; you can see the mother, father, son and daughter in law are the main key person in the shop. And there were lots of media review on the wall about this place.

Normally, I’d come here for the Claypot Lor Shu Fun, but occasionally I’d ordered rice and some dishes, like today.

It’s not too difficult to get here. Either you’re from Kuala Lumpur or serdang, once you make a turn from the main road and go straight and you will find the shop on your left. While I guess everyone has WAZE nowadays, so let not get into the direction.

Ample parking around the restaurant. Not too hard to find parking.

Time :
We reached around 730pm, and it’s almost full house. But, lucky us, there were two tables left.

The shop have 3 sections. One section with air-conditioning, another without, only with fan. And the hallway.

Just a typical service by a chinese restaurant, the seating and ordered were fast and on point. But, the food took about 30 minutes to serve. Just because it’s weekend and a full house.

Food: (For 4 pax)

claypot lor shu fun - yoke heng

Claypot Lor Shu Fun (one person portion): RM8.00 (we ordered 2)
Their Claypot Lor Shu Fun popular for a reason, it’s rich, creamy and eggy. It serves with crunchy bits that I think was from chee yow char (fried pork lard) or dried prawns. With a few drizzle of black vinegar, it has the tang that I love. But, today seem to be less flavourful than usual. But, still alright.

steamed tilapia-yoke heng

Steamed Tilapia with Nyonya Sauce (about 500g): RM30.00
This is the second time we ordered this dish. The Steamed Tilapia was cooked just right, the Nyonya sauce is savory, little spicy and we quite like it. This time, the sauce was too little. If only they put more of the sauce.

castle beancurd - yoke heng

Castle Beancurd: RM15.00
The fried beancurd was soft and juicy. The fried minced meat on top of the beancurd was tasty and crunchy. Overall, is okay.

pork ribs -yoke heng

Fire Pork Rib (Home specialty): RM16.00
The pork rib was served in an aluminum foil. The sauce is quite delicious and sweet; I felt they put some Marmite and honey on it. The pork rib was fried before drizzle with the sauce and cover with aluminum foil. The meat can be hard to chew.
Total Bill:
Clayport Noodle (one person portion): RM8.00 (we ordered 2)
Steamed Tilapia with Nyonya Sauce (about 500g): RM30.00
Castle Beancurd: RM15.00
Fire Pork Rib ( Home specialty): RM16.00
Rice: RM1.50 each
Hot water: RM0.50
Total Bill: RM91.15 ( inclusive GST 6% RM5.16%)
Service Charged: NO
Personal Review:
1. The food quality less tasty when the restaurant has many patrons. Maybe the kitchen is too overwhelmed with all the orders.
2. Claypot Lor Shu Fun is a must to order; another dish is optional.

Tips To viewer:
1. Better go on weekdays. If on weekend, get there early and avoid the crowds.

Makanan Laut Yoke Heng
No.31 & 33, Jalan SR 8/4,
Taman Putra Indah, Serdang Jaya,
43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor.
Tel : 03-89438753

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