When i look at the mirror, i saw a woman who are not good enough sometimes. Have lots of potential in the whole world but refuse to use those talents.

I saw myself as not attractive ( because i have curves) and had glossophobia or speech anxiety whole my life. I thought i can overcome this anxiety when i joined my school debate team and become school event presenter. But, No. Is still there.

One day i realised one thing.

How i see myself is more important than how others see it. My Happiness should not judge by others but me. Others is not relevant at this equation.

I have a choice here, either to be happy and continue my life or being unhappy and move on. I decided to be happy and be positive. I was inspired to live. Not because other people, because of ME. I want to create the most amazing and ridiculous life i have live with my loves one.

I always reminded myself, i am the most luckiest girl in the world because i found my soul mate and live my dream life.

So, remember YOU are beautiful no matter who you are, do not let others convince you otherwise.

Living Life To The Fullest.

Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt

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