I never cook watercress in my whole life; I was so unfamiliar with this vegetable until it was introduced to me by mom in law couple of months ago.

I always have a high curiosity in food, especially food that I never try or never cook in a certain way. I have a strong tendency to find out, and that’s what kept me going on this channel and blog.

So, my mom said Watercress With Chinese Honey Dates Soup is good for our health. It is known to cool down our bodies in hot weathers, making it a good soup to have now and then.

The benefits of watercress include cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure, maintaining healthy bones and treating diabetes.

The Honey Dates & Lup Han Guo will amplify the sweetness of the soup, and I’m happy to have this soup alone.

So, let’s start making this soup.

Happy souping!

Watercress With Chinese Honey Dates Soup |西洋菜汤 | 4 Ingredients Soup! Super easy!

Serves: 7-8 person (about 8 Cups )

Ingredients :

1 kg of watercress 西洋菜

1 Luo Han Guo 罗汉果

200g Chinese honey dates 蜜棗

5-litre water


  1. Wash & drain the watercress thoroughly; you need to wash 3-4 times. Soak for a few minutes before use

Tip: When washing watercress, watch out for some small snail in between the leaves.

  1. Fill up a stock pot with 5-litre water. Use high heat.
  2. Add in all ingredients, start with Luo Han Guo, Chinese honey dates & watercress. Cover the pot.
  3. Let it comes to a boil.
  4. Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low heat, cover the pot but let a little air coming out the lid and cook for 2 hours.
  5. After 2 hours, the soup will reduce. It’s going to have more flavour.
  6. Using a sieve, pour out the soup and enjoy it hot or cold.


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