My first video on Youtube is Wat Tan Hor. The video is raw, imperfect in many ways but that video means a lot to me.

It’s a video that shows my courage to pursue Youtube, my first step. If you have been in a position to start something new and been dragging your feet in doing it, you will know how challenging and difficult the first step.

I’m not going to lie, Youtube is a lot of works, and the return is not substantial. Especially for a small channel like me.

But, I’m still pursuing it because I love what I’m doing, creating and sharing my recipe with people who share the same love of cooking and eating Malaysian food.

So, I decided to re-shoot the Wat Tan Hor recipe since the old one is years ago.

I do hope you’ll love my version of the Wat Tan Hor Recipe.

Happy Cooking!

With love from our simple kitchen to yours.


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Wat Tan Hor | 滑旦河 | Cantonese Fried Noodle (Quick version)


1kg Hor Fun/Kway Teow ( loosen it)

3 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp minced garlic

3-4 cm of ginger, sliced

10 prawns, shelled and devein, leaving the tail

2 fish cake sliced

1 squid, slice into bite size

1 tbsp Shao xing wine

1.20-litre chicken stock

10-20g pork slices

1 tbsp oyster sauce

20g bok choy

3 eggs, beaten

Cornstarch slurry:

6 tbsp cornstarch

6 tbsp water

mixed well

For stir fry Flat Noodle (Hor Fun/Kway Teow)

1.50 tbsp sesame oil

1.50 tbsp dark soy sauce

2 tbsp soy sauce


1. Heat up a wok. Add 1.50 tbsp sesame oil.

2. Throw in the hor fun with 1.50 tbsp dark soy sauce and 2 tbsp soy sauce.

3. Stir-fry for about 2-3 mins on high heat and transfer to serving plate or bowl.

4. Heat up a wok with 3 tbsp cooking oil.

5. Add 2 tbsp minced garlic and give a quick stir before adding the ginger slices.

6. Add Prawns, Fish cake slices and Squid. Cook for a few seconds.

7. Pour in 1 tbsp of Shaoxing wine and lets the seafood absorb the wine for a few seconds.

8. Add 1.20 litre of chicken stock. Cover until the sauce is boiling.

9. Remove cover, taste the sauce. Add about 1 tbsp oyster sauce. Add some salt if necessary.

10. Add bok choy. Once Bok choy almost cook.

11. Add the cornstarch slurry slowly until you get the consistency.

12. Switch off the heat. Pour the beaten egg on the sauce. Let it sit for 10-15 seconds.

13. Transfer the sauce to hor fun and serve while it still hot.