One day, i was browsing around my facebook and stumbled upon this place. Immediately, i was attracted to this beautiful temple and i kept in mind to visit the place one day.

So, the day just happen last october when we decided to go Lumut for family vacation. And Sitiawan was one of the pit stop for us.

After having lunch at Sitiawan famous Loh Mee (check out the post here) , we headed towards this beautiful temple. I never expected that the temple actually located right by the shores, next to sea.

Oh boy… once we arrived there, about 1-2pm . The sun was so bright that we can’t hardly open our eyes. You will notice in all our pictures.


Tua Pek Kong literally means “Grand Uncle”, is one of the pantheon of Malaysian Chinese Gods. It was believed the date Tua Pek Kong arrived in Penang was 40 years before Francis Light in 1746. Impressive huh?!


The grand entrance with sea-facing statues were massively impressive and i think one of its kind here in peninsular Malaysia.

Once entering the temple, there were more small and big statues everywhere. There were also dragons water fountain in the middle. And one big size dragon, where you can enter from the head and end at the tail. Inside the dragon body was actually 18 levels of hell exhibition. Come such a reminder to all human being on the punishment for being bad.



The temple also has lots of hawker stall for unwind and quench your thirst. We ordered some coconut drinks, nothing special except the coconut color is yellow.

Overall, I think it is quite an impressive temple and definitely recommend to have a look.


I did a short video on this place, go and check them up!
Kampung Pasir Panjang Laut
Go towards Kampung Koh’s direction, passing by which will lead you to Jalan Pasir Panjang.
GPS : 4.163475, 100.688934

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