Lately, Malaysia & Singapore are hit by Cheese Tart “Tsunami”, especially in Singapore where lots of shops are selling this melted cheese Tart.

While in Malaysia, we have Tokyo Secret, Happy Happy Bakery @ Sg Chua branch and Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart in Empire Shopping Gallery.

Tokyo Secret 3

Last week, I had a chance to try Hanjuku Cheese Tart by Tokyo Secret at IPC Shopping Centre (next to Ikea). Tokyo Secret is originated from Hong Kong and not Japan. Inspired by the melting cheese tarts from Japan, Tokyo Secret is created in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong.

These tarts have a crumbly exterior, fluffy inner texture, and cheesy, warm, soft filling – making them an instant hit.

Tokyo Secret 1

Depending on whether you choose to eat it hot from the oven or when it’s been slightly cooled down, it will have a different texture on the inside. When it’s hot, the interior is more like a molten oozy liquid. But when it’s slightly cooled, the texture becomes a tender cheesy dream.

You will have a love-hate relationship with this Hanjuku Cheese Tart because the glorious melted cheese tart with the crumbly pastry will “seduce” you to eat more than one piece. And on the other hand, your pocket will hate you. Each cheese tart is sell for RM7.90, that’s a huge different from regular tart that we used to, but remember this ain’t regular tart.

tokyp secret 4

So, we went last Saturday, and there was a queue, not a long one, but it took us 15 minutes wait. I guess a fair wait. The cheese tarts were baked in batches, if the tart were sold out before your turn, then you have to wait longer.

tokyo secret 5

The shop was located next to Mac City and the funny part the entrance was inside Mac City too. Inside the shop, there were three tables with a couple of chairs but not kind of place you want to hang out because there were a queue and people looking at you, it just feels crowded.

So, if you were there, let me know on Facebook, do you enjoy it?
Tokyo Secret Malaysia Address:
Lot No G23, IPC Shopping Centre (in Mac City)
2, Jalan PJU 6/2, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

Personal Views:
1. The taste: I love it! I really love it. I love the rich, luscious and creamy cheese that were just bursting in my mouth. But, surprisingly my sister and hubby not a big fan. Maybe not their cup of tea.

2.I will be happy to buy one or two for a teatime snack, if there is no queue, but won’t go to the extent of lining up for long hours for a box. But that is just me.

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