Teochew Steamed Fish or Teochew Steamed White Pomfret is a favorite Chinese new year dish, and it’s best to serve while the Steamed White Pomfret is still hot.

Personally, if eating out, I’d never order this Teochew Steamed Fish. There are two reasons for that. One the White Pomfret can be pricey, two the Teochew Steamed fish (White Pomfret) is an easy recipe that I wouldn’t want to have when eating out.

I got the fresh Pomfret from AEON Supermarket, Mid valley by accident. As I was walking around the fish aisle, I saw this tiny white pomfret. And I thought I’m going to make this delicious fish soup noodle that I’ve been looking forward to making.

Then, as I was looking for the other fish, I realized four medium size white pomfret fishes look fresh, and it’s going to make a tasty Teowchew steamed fish. Besides, the price was not steep too. I got these three fishes for about RM9 per piece.

I still remember a few months back; I bought the frozen version about RM45 per piece, the weight was 400-500g. So, I think with these three fishes I got it on a bargain because it’s weight more than 500g.

Teochew Steamed White Pomfret will be cooked together with other sides such as soft beancurd, salted vegetable, tomatoes and straw mushroom. The soft beancurd and tomatoes are delicious to eat with the fish soup.

So, I hope you guys are going to love my Teochew Steamed White Pomfret. Hook me up if you have made it. Let me know by commenting on the youtube video.

Happy Cooking!

With love? from our simple kitchen to yours.

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Teochew Steamed Fish |Teochew Steamed White Pomfret | 潮州蒸白鲳鱼

Yield: 2-3 persons


3 white pomfret fish

20g sliced ginger

20g ginger strands

5 straw mushrooms (cut in half)

50g sour/salted vegetables (cut into strips)

4 salted plums

2 tomatoes (quartered)

1 box soft tofu

1/2 tsp salt


3 tbsp light soy sauce

5 tbsp water

3/4 tsp sugar

1 tbsp Chinese Shaoxing rice wine


5g spring onions strands

5g fresh coriander

1-2 Thai’s Chilies, sliced


  1. Cut 20g of ginger into slices and 20g of ginger into strands.
  2. Cut 50g of sour vegetable into slices.
  3. Quarter 2 tomatoes and Cut tofu into medium size.
  4. Cut straw mushroom into half.
  5. Transfer all the above ingredients to the steaming plate except for the ginger.
  6. Add the 4 sour plums.
  7. Wash and clean white pomfret. And season with 1/2 tsp salt.
  8. Add the ginger slices into the cavity.
  9. Add the white pomfret on top of all the ingredients on the steaming plate.
  10. Spread the ginger strands on top of fish.
  11. Combine 3/4 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp soy sauce and 5 tbsp water in a bowl. Mix well.
  12. Pour the sauce on top of the fish.
  13. Steam in high heat for 8-10 mins (depending on the size of the fish)
  14. Cut spring onions into strands.
  15. Slice thinly Thai’s Chilies.
  16. Garnish with Thai’s Chilies spring onions and fresh coriander.
  17. Enjoy with a bowl of fluffy rice!