Steamed Tofu With Minced Chicken

I’ll always make this Steamed Tofu With Minced Chicken Meat in my house, either it for lunch or dinner; my family always enjoy it. I had tried with ground pork before, but I’ll always go back to use chicken meat for this. It just tastes better, I think.

And another trick I used is by pouring all the meat and sauce around the tofu in a bowl and make sure the tofu sink in the sauce. It will keep the tofu warm for a long time. Don’t forget to enjoy with fluffy warm rice.

So, I hope you will enjoy making this and let me know if you do.

Happy Cooking!

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Steamed Tofu With Minced Chicken

Yield :2-3 pax

1 x Chicken Breast
1 x Soft Tofu
6 x Garlic – chopped
3 tbsp cooking oil

To Marinate Minced Chicken:
1 tbsp corn Flour
1 tbsp Shaoxing Wine
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1/4 tsp of white pepper

1 Cup Chicken Stock
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
1/2 Tsp White Pepper
1/2 tsp dark soy (optional)

Make Corn Flour Slurry:
1/2 tbsp Corn Flour
1 tbsp water

Shallot Oil:
3 tbsp Cooking Oil
4-5 Shallots -Sliced

Some Chopped Spring Onion
Method :
1. Cut chicken breast into small pieces and blend in food processor.
2. Marinate minced chicken. Put aside.
Tips: If too dry, add 2 tbsp water.

3. Steam tofu for about 15-20mins or until almost ready to pour sauce. Remove the excess water.
Tips: The longer you steamed the tofu, the silky and smoother it will be.

4.Combined sauce ingredients. Put aside.

5. To make Shallot oil:
a. Heat up a pan and add 3 tbsp cooking oil.
b. Fry until shallot turns brown.
c. Remove fried shallot from oil and put aside.
Tips: Make sure shallot do not turn black, it will taste bitter.

6. Heat up a wok/pan. Add 3 tbsp cooking oil.
7. Add chopped garlic, cook until slightly brown.
8. Add minced chicken.
9. Separate the meat to a small chunk.
10. Add the sauce. Let it come to a boil.
Optional : Add 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce, for darker color.

11. Combine 1/2 tbsp corn flour and 1 tbsp water. Add corn flour slurry to thicken.
12. Pour on top of tofu.
13. Garnish with fry shallot, spring onion and 2 tbsp shallot oil.
14. Serve with warm rice.


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