Rendang is a famous dish from the malay community in Malaysia. There are lots of rendang variation out there, such as chicken rendang, beef rendang, lamb rendang, cockle rendang etc… and my favourite is cockle rendang. The cockle rendang is delicious and awesome. Normally, i will have it with nasi lemak, just love it.

For those who never stumble upon this delicious dish, rendang are filled with Asian spices, mildly spicy, rich and flavorful , full with coconut milk and semi dry.

Those day, i always had lots of rendang to eat. Because, my malay friends love to cook rendang and i am happy to eat it. Nowadays, whenever i’m craving for rendang, i have to cook it myself. It is difficult for me to find a good rendang near my house.So, i rather not wasting my money on other not so good rendang.

Rendang normally served during weddings or on festivals such as hari raya aidilfitri or hari raya haji .

My dad’s rendang was quite good too. My sister and i always love to eat it. Yeah, by the way my dad’s quite a good cook. He loves to cook malay food mostly.

If you never had rendang, you really miss out a lot. I love to eat rendang with Palm leaves glutinous rice cake( Ketupat Palas) or warm rice.

So, let’s get cooking.

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Spicy Chicken Rendang
Serves : 5-6 person

Ingredients :
1( 1.4kg-1.5kg) Chicken, cut into 12 pieces , cleaned and rinse
500ml Coconut Milk ( 200ml coconut milk in box, add 300ml water)
100gram Pounded roasted coconut (Kerisik)
4 Potatoes , cut in 4
Salt to taste ( i add about 2 tsp)
Sugar to taste ( i add about 2 tsp)
Cukup Rasa to taste-optional ( i add about 2 tsp)
1 Turmeric leaf, finely sliced
3 Kaffir lime leaves, shredded
3 tbsp cooking oil

Spice Paste:
8 Shallot, peeled
4 cloves, peeled
8 stalks lemongrass, finely sliced ( only take white part and slightly green part)
2 cm ginger, peeled
2 cm galangal, peeled
1 tsp Turmeric powder
6 red chillies, seeded
5 bird’s eye chillies, seeded
1 1/2 tbsp coriander powder
1 tbsp Cumin powder
2 tbsp Ground Chilli paste

1.Combine ingredients for spice paste in a blender and blend until smooth.
2.Mix 2 tbsp of spice paste to chicken and set aside.
3.Boil potatoes in a pot. Cook until potatoes slightly soften.
4.Heat up wok and add 3 tbsp cooking oil.
5.Cook until spice paste fragrant and oil start to separate from paste.
6. Add chicken.Mix well with spice paste.
7. Add coconut milk, salt and sugar. Simmer for about 30 mins.
8. Increase to medium heat and cook until gravy almost dry. Add salt and sugar, if necessary.
9. Before add potatoes and kerisik, make sure the chicken are cook. If not, add some water and continue until the chicken is cook.
10.Reduce heat,add potatoes and kerisik. Cook for another few mins.
10. Add turmeric leaf and kaffir lime leaves, give a quick stir before turning off the heat.
11. Serve with warm rice or palm leaves glutinous rice cake ( Ketupat daun palas)