Day 2

The most exciting day was today because we went to Angkor Wat. Need I said more about Angkor Wat? I’m pretty much amazed by its beauty. I stood in the middle of Angkor Wat and imagined it glorious moment in time. I was so wow with it architecture and stories behind this long lost monuments.

The ancient city of Angkor Wat took my breath away.

I highly recommend engaging a tour guide so that you know the stories behind this fabulous kingdom. If you come without a tour guide, you can’t imagined the ancient city of Angkor Wat. How it stand and perseverance over the years.


My money was well spent on the tour guide. Not only the tour guide told us the ancient stories but he also a great photographer. He knows where to take a great picture. He did help us to snap a few amazing photos. By the way his name is Tea, you can engage his services by going to

The tour guide cost us about USD35 and driver USD30. Entrance fee for one day was USD20 per person.


Let me give you a few pointers about visiting Angkor Wat.
1. Siem Reap is super hot. You want to prepare everything you can under this type of weather. Clothes, handkerchief, sunscreen, water, some food, umbrella and so on. An umbrella is necessary. It will protect you from the sun better than a hat. We brought a hat but didn’t use it much. If you engage a tour guide, they will provide mineral water or can drink for you.

2. It’s involved a lot of walking, climbing and walking again. A long walk sometimes, especially inside Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat has a massive compound. Walking under a hot sun can be painful if you are not prepared.

3. There are a lot of temples in the compound of Angkor Wat. But, we decided to go with three main temples. Angkor Wat, The Bayon and Ta Prohm. To go from Angkor Wat to The Bayon, you need to drive. It near but not within walking distance. So, at least we can enjoy the car air-conditioning before off to another place.

4. Inside Angkor Wat, there was a higher temple which you need to climb steep stairs. I have no problem going up but going down; my knee shakes a bit. I decided to look at the stairs until I reached down.

We stopped for lunch at a nearby restaurant near Angkor Wat. We had rested for 45 mins before we went to The Bayon and Ta Prohm. Check out my video if you want to see the real Angkor Wat.




Untitled-1-8After the tour, the driver sends us back to the hotel. We rested and went for dinner later.

We checked out Genevieve Restaurant. Great review on Tripadvisor.


We decided to be more adventurous and looked for the place. We lost but at last, we found it. You need a reservation for the restaurant but lucky us. We waited five mins, and the seat was ready for us. I’m happy and hungry.

Service was excellent, and the food was fast too. We ordered vegetable tempura, sweet and sour fish and amok chicken. Vegetable tempura was good with the tangy sauce. I’ve never eaten broccoli tempura before. So, it’s nice. Sweet and sour fish rather off for us. We tasted better. Amok chicken was tasty too. Overall, it’s only average food. But, the price can be a little pricey but some of the money will contribute to charity, so I think it’s alright.

End of Day 2