On April, we took a trip to Siem Reap.This video share some amazing footage of our journey. We spend about four days three nights in Siem Reap. It’s our first time to Cambodia, and I just love this country. The people are warmth and friendly.

The country needs times to re-built since their civil war ended. But, this country is resilience and strong. Some hardworking people works relentlessly here. And the most beautiful and amazing things is Angkor Wat. People all over the world comes here for Angkor Wat. It’s beautiful and glorious. I think, our camera doesn’t do justice to it. It was way more beautiful than the footage we captured.


1st Day

We reached Siem Reap airport around 8 am. The journey from KLIA2 took us about 2 hours. Once we reached, our hotel’s driver was there to pick us up. The airport transfer was included in the accommodation package.

The picked up became interesting, and we least expected it. We have expected a car but was picked up by a Tuk-Tuk. Their most common transportation. Just check out the picture. It’s awkward at first but quite fun when we get used to it.

The only thing was you have to cover or wash your mouth after the ride. My mouth was full of sand after the ride.



We stayed at Royal Crown Hotel & SPA; you can check out my review here. The location of this hotel was superb, it just walking distance to new night market and pub street. The grocery store was just across the street.

The package included hotel room and airport pickup. Cost us about RM554 @ USD140 for 3 nights.And we booked through booking.com. We made payment to the hotel when checked in. The hotel offered us a welcome drink.



After settled down, we were hungry. So, we went next door to have lunch. We had lunch at Rohatt Cafe ( Authentic Khmer Cuisine). The restaurant had Tripadvisor sticker on it so we tried. The environment was nice, cosy and comfortable but without air-conditioning.

The food rather expensive but the flavour was alright. Little did we know that just across the street we can find much cheaper food. It cost us about USD16-17 for lunch.We move on.

After lunch, we were tired and slept the whole afternoon. Anyway, it is a vacation, and we will take as much rest as possible.

In the evening, we explored the old night market.We took Tuk-Tuk. It cost us about USD2.

Tuk-Tuk was everywhere. When we went out, the Tuk-Tuk were just outside. They were willing to bring you anywhere with a right price. They even offered us for sightseeing. But, we were too sceptical with the weather. Well, you must understand Siem Reap was hot or should I said super hot. By engaging a car, we will have air-conditioning and that it so much more comfort but of course with a price. Hiring a car will cost you more.But, we’re willing to pay. So we decided, for a short ride we will engage tuk-tuk driver and for the tour, we’ll go with a car.

It took us 5-8 mins to reach old night market by Tuk-Tuk. Not too far. At old night market, things and food were cheaper here. We had dinner, and it cost us about USD5-6. The food was alright.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. We do not have a map, but we asked around. From old night market, you will reach pub street. From Pub street, you can reach new night market and then walk to the hotel.

We didn’t spend time at Pub Street on the first day. We just walked around.

End of Day 1.