Secret Loc Cafe is a new restaurant located at Cheras Selatan 118. It’s located opposite of AEON Cheras Selatan and C180 area.If you’re coming from Balakong or Serdang, you’ll need to make a U-turn, just after the u-turn immediately keeps left and turn left, drive straight and you’ll notice Secret Loc Cafe on your right. Even at the u-turn, you’ll be able to see Secret Loc Cafe.

The shop located in a new commercial area, only a couple of shops are occupied.

We used to bypass the area for a couple of times, and the place was packed with people every time. I promise myself to check out the place whenever I have a chance. I guess today is the day.

From the outside, the cafe seems like serving Dim Sum as you can see lots of Dim Sum pictures and decoration. But, we’re so wrong. Dim Sum is only part of it.

This is a new area, and ample parking is available.

We reached the place about 9 pm and the place is almost full but still a few empty tables and chairs.

Love the ambiance. Quite bright and comfortable. There are a stage and singing performances by a couple. I’m not sure whether for the whole day or only at night. At times music can be quite loud.

You can choose to sit inside with the air conditioning or outside if you’re a smoker.

Services were quite efficient. Once we were seated, the staff provide us with a menu. Lots of staff around to assist. Every table was given a call button to press, and a waiter will come and assist.

Food serves within 10 minutes or less. Even with lots of people.

The menu looks like a Hong Kong-style menu, comprehensive and lots of variety. The menu cover local food, dim sum, western food, spaghetti, Chinese food and Hong Kong style food as well. You will be spoilt with all the variety of food.

And I’m surprised with the food price which can be reasonable.

Food Ordered:
HK style Ying Yong: RM4.90
Like most of the restaurant, this type of drink is made in advance and put in a big jug. So, for me it’s just okay.

Fried Radish Cake: RM5.80
I love fried radish cake. And generally, I won’t ordered a pre-made Fried Radish Cake just because it doesn’t taste good when it’s cold. But, this one hit the spots for me. The most important are, it’s still warm when serving to the customer. I give them credit for this. However, the radish cake can be too soft, if only they can improve the texture, then this is a perfect dish!

Mushroom Seafood Ho Fen RM13.90
Before ordering this food, we’re so skeptical about it. But, end up it was so tasty, creamy and savory at one. The Ho Fen (kway teow) cooked ahead with slight “wok hei”. The sauce is a white cream sauce, almost like carbonara sauce. The generous portion of mushroom and seafood is a plus point to the dish.

Golden Crispy Pork Bun ( 2 pieces ): RM4.60
This is the first time I had Golden Crispy Pork Bun. And it’s so so delicious! I think I can eat both pork bun. It’s so crunchy on the outer part and sweet inside with the char siu filling. I definitely love this!

Siew Mai (3 pcs): RM4.60
Not impress with this one. I guess a frozen Siew Mai. A bit hard and fill with lots of flour.

Total Bill:
Siew Mai (3 pcs): RM4.60
Fried Radish Cake: RM5.80
Mushroom Seafood Ho Fen: RM13.90
Golden Crispy Pork Bun: RM4.60
HK style Ying Yong: RM4.90
Service Charge (10%) : RM3.38
6% GST: RM2.23
Total: RM39.40

Personal Review:
1. I’d recommend people to check out the place. The ambiance, services, prices, and food are quite okay.
2. I think should avoid weekend. We went on weekdays, and the place still packs with people.
3. Must order Golden Crispy Pork Bun, avoid Siew Mai.
Secret Loc Cafe
1-G, Jalan Tengah, Cheras Selatan 118,
43200 Cheras,
Tel: 03-90828942

Operation Hour:
11 am – 3 am open daily, even public holiday

Tip: Accept reservation in advance by call in.

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