I cook salted eggs with lots of other meat but with vegetable, this will be the first time. But this simple dish Salted Egg with Lady Finger ends up delicious and creamy. On top of that the ingredients are easier than cooking with meat or seafood, but yet it is so satisfying.

This is why I love home cooked food, it does not need to be super fancy, it just needs to be satisfying, that’s my man will be the ultimate happiness for your tummy!

Happy cooking!

Salted Egg with Lady Finger

Serves: 2 persons

300g lady finger cut into 1cm length
2 tbsp Minced garlic
2 salted egg yolk, cooked & mashed
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp cooking oil
Some water

1. Heat up a wok. Add 1 tbsp cooking oil.
2. Add 2 tbsp minced garlic. Stir fry until slight brown.
3. Add 2 salted egg york. Cook until foamy.
4. Add ladyfinger. Stir fry until lady finger cook. Occasionally, add a splash of water to cook the lady’s finger.
5. Add salt to taste.
6. Serve immediately.


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