I used to buy my salt-baked chicken whenever i went to Ipoh. Nowadays, it is so easy to get this dish at night market or even do it yourself.

Whenever i wanted to escape from those spicy, oily, unhealthy food, this will be my choice of dish.

While, my way of doing it may look cheat and simple but it never compromise the taste. It taste delicious and good.

Serve this with my favourite bird eye chilli sauce.

Happy Cooking!

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Salt-Baked Chicken ( Steamed version)
Serve: 3-4 Person

Ingredients :
2 Big Chicken Legs ( About 740gram)
1 Packet of Salt Baked Chicken Spice (30g)
2cm ginger, Sliced

1. 2 chicken legs, clean and rinse. Pat dry.
2. Marinate chicken with Salt Baked Spice for about 1-2 hour.
3. When ready to steam, prepare your steamer and bring the water to boiI or steam using rice cooker.
4. In a steaming plate, place chicken and ginger.
5. Steam for 15-20mins or until chicken is cook.


Tip :
If your chicken leg is smaller, you might not need to put the whole packet of salt-baked chicken spice.