Growing up my sister and i love prawn fritters so much, it’s just something we love to eat together. We usually get our fix from banana fritters hawker nearby our house. The smell of the prawn and turmeric batter just arouse my tastebud.

But, i think our mom influenced us so much of eating cucur udang. Well, mom used to make this for tea break and she learned it from our neighbours, Kak Timah. While, Kak Timah make a living buy selling this wonderful cucur udang. And i think that is where the fixation kick in.

So, last week my sister requested for this cucur udang to be make and i might not be as good as Kak Timah but i do think i managed to satisfy our craving.

I promised you with this recipe, you will get crispy, savory and tasty , all in one go.

Cucur Udang can be eaten on its own but we enjoy dipping it with Thai sweet chili sauce.

Here you are, the recipe.

Happy cooking!

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Yield : 3-4 serves

Prawn Fritters
Cucur Udang

Ingredients :
200g All-Purpose Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
3/4 tsp Sea Salt
300 ml Water
100g Prawn, peel skin and remove head. Cut in half.
100g Chinese Chives, trim & cut into 4 cm length
100g Bean Sprout, rinse and drain
6 Shallot, peel and slice
Oil for frying

Method :
1. Combine the flour, baking powder, turmeric and salt in to mixing bowl.
2. Add water to the mixing bowl, add little by little. To get fairly thick batter.
3. Then, add in chives, bean sprouts and prawns.
4. Heat the wok and add frying oil.
5. Spoon a heaped tablespoon of batter and gently drop it into the oil.
6. Fry until golden brown.
7. Drain fritters on paper towel.
8. Serve with Thai Sweet Chili sauce.