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I used to worked at Mid Valley City, my family and friends love to drop by here.Personally, i felt Mid Valley is the best shopping heaven and it had lots to offer. Its got almost everything you need here.

Cut to the chase, we stumbled upon Pezzo Pizza in Midvalley after movie the other day. So, my first though Pezzo just another ordinary pizza. But, the booth definitely catches my eyes, i felt like in London circus, with the red and yellow colour here and there.

When i approached the stall, the pizza names was so quirky and unique, “Big Daddy, Hot Chick, Supremo, Hola Hawaiian”…etc. We decided to try. We choose Hola Hawaiian just to be safe, nothing can went wrong with the most traditional flavour.

A piece of pizza cost us about RM7.90nett. While,1 piece Pezzo pizza definitely equal to 2 pieces of pizza hut. It is like an american size pizza. The taste is much more better than regular pizza or pizza hut. I do love this type of pizza, i felt it is more authentic.

Lot-TK 06
Third Floor Mid Valley City
59200 KL

Happy Dining!


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