Normally, I wouldn’t go any where on Saturday because traffic can be chaotic. However, i felt we need to get loose today after so much stress at work.So, a fresh environment will help a lot. It’s like some sort of therapy for us, weekend therapy may be.

Where we stay is always traffic jam and it’s worst on Saturday. So, we need about 1 hour to reach The Mines. Once reached there, we just started exploring the shops and i realised there was one new shop call “Spotlight”. Pretty interesting shops, with lots of DIY stuff , baking items, textiles and all other home decoration products. While, i must said the products there can be super expensive but the DIY items and textiles can be really super useful and modern, if you really into this.

After our “walking therapy”, we need something to fill up our belly. And we spot on Penang Road Famous TeowChew Chendul. In the past, we came to the franchise shop somewhere in IOI city mall and Paradign Mall couple of times but solely for Cendol. My love affair with Cendol is complicated, is more on love hate relationship. I love cendol because it is so delicious, top with creamy coconut milk and sweetness of gula Melaka with bite size red bean. hmm… Yum Yum. I hate it just because of one reason, health reason.

For me the Cendol was okay, up to my normal standard. Might not be my favourite, but it’s still fullfilled my craving for Cendol.

The White Curry Laksa was nothing to shout out. It’s taste okay too, if you have eaten the famous My Kuali White Curry Laksa, then this is almost the same version or may be fresher?

The Asam Laksa was alright too. You can taste the thick asam sauce with incredible lots of sardines fish. Among the 3, i’m quite enjoyed the Asam Laksa the most.

The total bill come up to RM25.30 for 2 of us which i think quite reasonable nowadays and for the food in shopping complex.

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