This week I’m going to share one of the most common and popular soup of all times, Old Cucumber Soup With Dried Oyster.

Let me be honest with you, this recipe is easy and less fuss if you want to have a quality and healthy Chinese soup. You’ll thank me later when you make this one. Because it is simple and delicious to drink.

I used to take my soup in a bowl but whose do that anymore? It’s 2017, and I used a cup, a big one. It’s easier to hold and so much convenience to drink from it.

We often have this soup one or two weeks once. Old Cucumber Soup has lots of health benefit such as

helps to cool the body and aids in detoxification. Not only that, it is also believed to be anti-aging and is good for the skin.

Old cucumbers are mild in taste. By adding dried cuttlefish, pork meat, dried red dates, and dried oysters the soup will be rich flavoured and taste amazing.

So, let’s dive into the recipe now. And don’t forget to check out the video for easy step by step.

Happy cooking!

Serves: 4 person


2.50-Litre water

750g Old cucumber

10 pcs Dried oyster, soak with hot water

20 pcs dried red dates

1 medium size dried cuttlefish

600g Pork Belly (can use pork bones)

250g Chicken Bones

Method :

1. Blanch the pork belly and chicken bones in a small pot of boiling water for a few minutes to remove impurities.

2. Soak 10 dried oysters with hot water until use.

3. Cut old cucumber into half and use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Then cut it into large chunks or cut into 4. Not too small.

4. Smash the dried red dates and remove the seed.

5. Slice 1 medium size dried cuttlefish into 2 part.

6. Bring 2.50-litre water to a boil.

7. Once boiled, add all the ingredients.

8. Cover the pot, increase the heat. Let’s the water comes to a boil again.

9. Once boiled, reduce to medium-low, slightly open the lid and cook for 2 hours.

10. After 1 hour, take out the pork belly. You can slice the pork belly into bite size and dip with oyster sauce or any sauce that you like.

11. After 2 hours, the soup is ready.

Enjoy this nutritious soup at home!