M.A.D stand for Modern Asian Diner! A new boy in town, or maybe not too new. Obviously, they have been around for couple of months. But, i went to their new branch at IOI City Mall, located at 2nd level.

The shop decoration was highly praised because it was bright, modern and comfortable. They have corner looks like a small living hall where you can have a cup of coffee with friends to catch up, it’s look cozy and comfy. Or you can choose a comfy dining table to have your dinner. I have to said the shop definitely attract us to dine there.

Another attraction will be theirs 30% discount on the food but only for weekdays. Once we were seated, we looked through their menu. We ordered Tagliatelle Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo (Normal Price RM18.50), Teriyaki Chicken Bento Set ( NP RM19.50) and Caesar Salad ( NP RM14). Since, drinks were always overrated in a restaurant, we normally did not order it. We rather to drink our plain water which we bring to everywhere.

Okay, so let’s dived in to their menu and food.

M.A.D definitely have wide variety of choices to spoilt with. But, the questions how good was the food?

We did not read any blog before tried it so we ordered food that quite common and the one we like. And oh boy… How we regretted that!


Teriyaki Chicken Bento Set was terrible among all, please don’t order this if you go there. The chicken is over cooked and chicken tight supposed to be smooth and silky but is not. The color of teriyaki chicken should be brown or slightly dark brown. But, ours was black color, looks like kicap hitam or rather black soy sauce and the taste not authentic at all.

Caesar Salad came with small portion which i hope if they could add more lettuce will be a plus. But, rather small portion of everything. The taste is not too bad though.

Tagliatelle Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo did stand out among these 3 items. It’s taste creamy and delicious. But, might be too creamy for some people.

Overall, our dining experience was not good or bad, but if you ask me, will i come back? I rather spend my money elsewhere. For me, it truly nothing to shout out about this restaurant.

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My Personal View:

Ambiance: 7/10

Price: 6/10

Service: 6/10

Food: 5/10



Level 2, Lot No L2 – 20 & 21,IOI City Mall