I came across this beneficial tea when i actually browsing Christine’s Recipe. She made this and i saw that this tea was good for fighting fatigue and sleep disorder.

In addition, Goji is actually good for your eyes. While, i’m wearing spectacles so this definitely something i’m excited to try.

Sleeping disorder is not something i frequently had. But, i was not able to sleep last month for about a week. My brain just keep on thinking about things that i need to do next day and it just drive me crazy.

At that time, i was lucky enough to find meditation. So, i started my meditation journey for about 2 weeks. Twice a day and it works. It calms me down and i managed to handle things better.

If only, i find this Longan and Goji Tea recipe. So, i hope this recipe will help you, if you are facing tiredness and difficulty in sleeping at night.

Good luck!

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Longan And Goji Tea Recipe

Serves : 1 person

Ingredients :
1 tbsp dried longan, about 8 pulps
2 tsp dried goji
1 cup boilling water

1. Rinse well the dried longan and dried goji.
2. Use boilling water for the last rinse. Drain well.
3. Put in the longan and goji and i cup of boiling water.
4. Tightly closed the cap. Set aside for at least 3 hours.

Tips :
1. Do not put too much longan.
2. Do not drink this more than once a day.
3. The longan can easily trigger cough if consume too much.