In today video, I’m going to share how to make LingZhi chicken soup. LingZhi has been known to have amazing health benefit such as to enhance the overall health by boosting immunity and also may aid in cancer management.

I’m going, to be honest here. The soup going to taste bitter unless you add more dried honey dates in it. Not my kind of soup but because of the benefit in the Lingzhi, I’m willing to drink it.

So, I hope you’ll try the recipe.

Happy drinking!

With love? from our simple kitchen to yours.


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LingZhi Soup| LingZhi Soup| LingZhi Chicken Soup |靈芝湯 Boosting the immune system

Yield : 4 pax


400g chicken breast

20g lingzhi 靈芝

3 pcs dried honey dates

1-liter water


1. Blanch the chicken breast. Transfer to a bowl and rinse with water.

2. Transfer the chicken breast, lingzhi, and dried honey dates to pressure cooker.

3. Cook for 50mins.

Tip: If using a slow cooker, it takes about 2 hours.