Hey guys, I’ve been missing my Travel vlog for the longest and believe me when I said I did miss all these travel adventures.

One of my favourite country to travel is Thailand. Why Thailand?

Because, it quite near to Malaysia, it’s a beautiful country, things are cheaper there, people are nice, and it has lots to offer in tourism.

We went to Krabi, Thailand on 2nd November 2015 and stayed for 4 days 3 nights. It was a well spend trip and we enjoyed it so much.


We managed to grab Airasia air ticket for RM260. It’s a return ticket for 2 person. Ahah! That’s cheap! The luggage fee cost us about RM100.

We arrived Krabi, Thailand around local time 1:55PM and was picked up by driver (which arranged by my hotel). The airport transport from Krabi airport to the hotel cost us about 600baht (1 way per car). You can opt for a cheaper alternative by getting their public van, almost half the price. From Krabi airport to Ao Nang, may be around 30-45mins.


We stayed at Ao Nang and it’s a small town with everything you need. So, our hotel name is Krabi Apartment Hotel. I booked online through Agoda and later get in touch with them. The lady who managed the place was quite nice and arranged everything for us. From airport transfer, motorbike rental to tour arrangement. It’s so convenience.

Krabi Hotel Apartment is quiet and very cozy place to stay. Nowadays, we preferred to stay at apartment style hotel. Where all the utilities to make your simple food was easy and yet we do not compromise the hotel facilities. Like this one. They have a small swimming pool which enough for us to soak in the water for couple of hours a day. The hotel is very clean and our room can direct access to the pool was a plus thing. The cost RM760 for 3 nights, about RM253 per night.

Once we settled down, we quickly rent a bike, which cost us about 250baht a day. We only rented for 2 days and the petrol only cost us about 60baht. To rent a bikes in Thailand, you have to surrender your passport. So, we normally not comfortable to surrender our passport to the bikes company. The best part, the hotel kept for us instead of the bikes company. Even in Phuket we rented from the hotel.

After got the bikes, first thing we did was grab a lunch. We were so hungry and can’t wait to try the local food.


We went to Boat Noodle Restaurant. Yes, the one that have branches in Malaysia. I would say, their famous noodle tastes the same but the environment boat noodle in Malaysia is better. We have air-conditioning in Malaysia. But, not here in Thailand, everything is an open space. I can’t remember how much everything cost. But, it is not too expensive. Just get ready for a tourist price in Ao Nang, but beware of certain shop that way too expensive even with tourist price. You want to check out their menu upfront before sitting down.


You want to know best things we did in Krabi, Thailand? Let’s get into it.

  1. Sunset In AO Nang, Krabi Thailand


I’ve been to all over Thailand and I would say Thailand always have an incredible sunset and Ao Nang Beach confirm that.

  1. Go For Island Trip ( Phi Phi Don Island)


I would say you’re missing out if you didn’t engage any Island Trips. They have couple of package to choose from like Phi Phi Don Island, Chicken Island and Hong Island. We’ve never to Phi Phi Island and we want to witness Maya Bay so we chose Phi Phi Don Island Package, which cost us about 1200 baht per person.

On the trip we went for snorkeling, swimming, sightseeing and they provide buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don Island.

I was surprised to see how commercialize Phi Phi Don Island. They have 3-4 hotels there, vendors selling food and souvenir everywhere, travel agents, a few café and restaurants which can be quite crowded for me personally. But, I don’t know… may be some prefer to have convenience things around them.

If you go to Phi Phi Don Island, don’t forget to try their ice cream. It is homemade yet so delicious and creamy. We love it!

  1. Go Snorkeling


If you go to Island Trip and do not get into the water. It just doesn’t feel real or satisfy. So, if you have the chances to jump into the water and enjoy the ocean, the sun, the fish… just everything. Go ahead, do it! It’s so much fun!

  1. Rent A Bike & Get Around Ao Nang


The best things to explore stuff and look for food are by using bike. We rent one and very happy by doing so. Alternatively, you can travel using their tuk-tuk (taxi). But, it is so much fun riding a bike. We did it in Phuket and Krabi. You should too!

  1. Get A Massage


Massage is a must thing to do in Thailand. Because, they are so good in it and it is cheaper here. We went to Haven Aonang Massage Centre (lots of people recommend this) which located in Ao Nang town. Get an hour body massage for 320baht. So, refresh afterwards!

  1. Look For Good Food


I’m a fan of Thai’s food, well I guess because I have Thai’s heritage in me. My late grandmother was a Thais. When I’m travelling, I always look for reasonable tourist price food and of course good food. Why I said tourist price food? Because, these travel places are commercializing for a long time and the price stick with them. A good food and reasonable portion is a must. We got cheated once in Phuket, when we ordered from the street vendor, they charge 100 baht for a Tom Yum Seafood Soup with 5-6 small prawns. Literally nothing else, not even carrot or vegetable. Lesson learned!

This time, we did some researched.



We love Ton Ma Yam Restaurant. A small restaurant near our hotel. Walking distance. The food is great but with reasonable tourist price. The place can be pack during dinner; you want to come early or later. We had our breakfast, lunch and dinner there and definitely a thumbs up! You want to try their fish dishes and tom yum soup. It’s really good!


A place for noodle lover but they do served loads of rice variety too. The rice menu option are about 60-80baht per plate. Slightly cheaper than Ton Ma Yam. The environment can be pretty hot.


  1. Nutella Banana Pancakes

My favourite street food is this. Nutella Banana Pancakes. It is so good! And yummy! Just writing this, make me craving for more. I can’t remember how many times we bought this Nutella Banana Pancakes. It has Roti Canai/Paratha texture but those banana, chocolate and Nutella combination are super delicious!

  1. Mango Sticky Rice 60Baht

Mango Sticky Rice… Always my favourite.

It’s always different when eating this sticky rice in Thailand compare to Malaysia. May be the sticky rice that they are using is different? But, it always tasted so much better here. I just discovered that they have another version, with black/purple glutinous rice. OMG! I love those. First time eat it, it’s amazing!

  1. Ice Cream

This ice cream in Phi Phi Don Island is a must try. Very luscious and creamy. Sold by 2 ladies on a cart. They just push the cart around Phi Phi Don Island. Yummylicious!

Lastly the cost we spend on this trip. I know, some of you might want to know.

The below cost is for 2 persons.

Baht RM
Flight ticket 260.00
Luggage 100.00
3 nights apartment hotel 716.10
airport transfer – one way one car ( Krabi airport to hotel) 600.00 73.02
airport transfer – one way one car ( Hotel to krabi airport) 600.00 73.02
Motorbike for rent-2 days ( 250 baht per day) 500.00 60.85
Petrol ( 60 baht) 60.00 7.30
Island Tour 2,400.00 292.08
Massage 2 person – 320 baht per person 640.00 77.89
Souvenir 1,800.00 219.06
Food 3,939.09 479.39
10,539.09 2,358.71


So, my long winded blog almost hit the end. You can check out my Krabi Thailand Trip Video by clicking the link here.

Until next time! Take care!

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