Kale had taken the world of vegetable by storm, but might not a big thing here in Malaysia. Because it is so difficult to get Kale here, and if you manage to find one, it not going to be cheap.

Last week, i had a chance to drop by Bangsar Village’s Supermarket. I always excited when i’m here because there are lots of imported food and ingredients. It really excite me to see imported things with new packaging. Just make me happy!

So, let guess what i found? Yes! KALE!Yay!

When i saw the price, OMG ! is about RM7-11 for 2-3 branches. Anyway, i decided to go ahead and get the cheapest price, about RM7. I just got to try this. One must be ready to embrace a new thing.I never had Kale juice and heard lots of benefit about it. I can’t just walk away.

I love to juice alot so trying Kale juice will give myself a health boost. Kale is providing a truckload of vitamins and flavonoids.

Curly kale is a nutritional powerhouse packed with antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, kaempferol and quercetin.In the food world, the biggest celebrity of all might be kale—the Shakira of salads, the Lady Gaga of leafy greens. How cool is that?

so, let start juicing!

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Kale Orange Juice

Serves : 1 person

Ingredients :
4 oranges peeled and chopped
2-3 branches of kale
1 cup of cool water


1. Clean and cut Kale in smaller pieces. Remove hard stem.
2. In a blender, blend oranges and water.
3. Add Kale and blend again. Add some water if necessary to keep blender moving.
4.Pour in the juice to a sieve cloth and extract juice.


I’m using a blender and sieve cloth because i do not like to use fruit processor. But, you can used it, if you have one.