Kafe Seremban Station-Hainan Coffee is a new Cafe at Taman Equine Seri Kembangan. Previously, this shop was occupied by Hailam Kopitiam. I guess they were out of business or maybe not… I don’t know.

At 4 pm, we were looking for a place to have our lunch. Do you realised it ‘s hard to find a decent food at odd hours where lunch was over, and dinner is about another couple of hours! We were left with a less flattering option and unhealthy ones like Mcdonald, KFC and other fast food. But, we were not going for that.

We’re hungry and looking for something comforting yet hot enough to warm our belly. So, I suggested going to Kafe Seremban Station.We promised each other if there was not a single customer inside the cafe, we would not go in. Surprisingly, a lot of tables were occupied.

Finding parking was easy, a lot of empty parking around the cafe. There were two sections in the cafe, one with air-conditioning and another with open air.

Their ambience was quite similar with old town white coffee, the chairs and tables were the same. Finding a table was quick, and once we sat, the waiter brought their menu, paper and pencil to place our order. The waiter and waitress were mostly Malays. I guess it is a Halal cafe.

It took us a while before placing the order because the menu was intense. Seremban Station had a lot and varieties of food and drinks to choose; I was totally overwhelmed. Most were local and Malaysian food. Even their Pan Mee has 10-11 varieties. And the price range was cheaper than Old Town.

After a while, we placed our order.

The first to arrive were our drinks. Coke Ice RM3.30 and Fresh Honey Lemon RM3.90. I know, I should try their Hailam coffee, but both of us had a mild sore throat and coffee was not a right choice. Maybe next time. The Fresh Honey Lemon was nice, strong lemon flavour with a couple of spoon honey.

Seremban Station 2

Next, the Fresh Nyonya Cendol RM4.90 arrived. The Cendol was excellent. It has these generous big red kidney beans and top with fresh coconut and palm sugar. It is not too sweet either. I must praise their big and chunky green cendol; it was so delicious.Every bite was heavenly. We used to get that skinny cendol outside, but this cendol was a generous portion in size. Totally recommend it!

Claypot Yee Mee RM10.90 came in a real piping hot, and it is what we’re looking! The taste is average, though. The Claypot Yee Mee had some prawns, fried beancurd ( Fu Zhou), fish balls, vegetable and egg in it.

Seremban Station 3

Pan Mee Soup Noodle RM7.50 was average too. The soup was alright. The noodle was smooth, but I had better before. The pan mee came with some minced chicken, vegetable, mushroom and anchovies.

Overall, it was a decent late lunch. Total damage came up to RM35.55 ( inclusive of GST 6% + Service charge 10%)

Seremban Station Hainan Coffee
No. 1 Jalan Equine 9E,
Taman Equine, 43300,
Seri Kembangan Selangor
Tel: 03-89593131

Personal View:
1. Must try cendol! I think you will like it.
2. Quite a bummer when they charge GST 6% + Service charge 10%.

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