Among the noodle out there, Kway Teow or Hor fun is one of my favourites. Kway Teow textures are smooth, silky and soft. Normally, I’d bought a fresh Kway Teow from the market or supermarket and would normally cook it on the same day. There were times that I’d put it in the fridge and used it after 2-3 days.

Every time I’m taking it out from the fridge, the Kway Teow will become so hard and frozen. I just hate the texture. I wish I could make it soft again like the day I bought them.

One day, I was helping my dad to cook and I saw he actually steamed up the Kway Teow and I was so excited! Never cross my mind that the answer is that simple! I should’ve asked my dad.

So, I’m passing down this wisdom to whoever still clueless about this.

Hope this helps you guys!