Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year to you and family! I hope you have a blast time this year.

This post is not going to be about recipe and food. If you’re only into that, maybe you should stop reading this.
Every year, I’d sit down and review my whole year (with a cup of Tea, of course!)

I will look back on what happen and things that I can do better. Am I a better person now or else what can I do to become better?

Life is lovely and beautiful, but yet we as a human always take it for granted.
This year, I’ve learned my lesson about health and family.

All these years, I’d always prioritize my work and chasing for money to pay the bills, yet missing the essential things in the whole world which is ME.

Put yourself as a priority is not a selfish act. It’s something that we need to do it so that we can function well.
When we get a good night sleep, good food, good exercise, and a good life, we tend to treat people better and more helpful.
So, whenever I woke up at 6 or 7 am in the morning doing my housework for a couple of hours, preparing breakfast for my family or exercise after that, it’s make everything much more balanced and positive for me.

Then, I go to work more energy and positive, bringing this feeling of empowerment to my workplace. The strength of positivity keep flowing even when I’m facing with any difficulty; I can solve it or at least have a clear mind of how to manage it.

Historically, we as a woman always put others as a priority. Maybe, it’s inside us. But, perhaps it’s time for us to change and think differently.

The recharge moment that we need will make us a better person.

So, in this 2019. My goal is focusing on my Health, Family, and Happiness.
Hopefully, all ladies out there will join me in building a better version of yourself.

Happy 2019!

Much love,