Happy New Year!

Last year, for the first time in my life I fully understand one thing about myself.

I have anxiety.

All these years I have it and I don’t recognize it as anxiety. I thought I was just nervous. I was nervous when I have the longest to do list on Monday, I was nervous when I’m not able to put up any articles, post or video online. I was nervous when I was not able to wake up 6 in the morning and so on.

Last year, we’re shifting to a new house and new office. In the new house, my husband and I will be staying with his parents. This hit my anxiety to the highest level. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of them but staying with them can be difficult (I assume). The fight and argument can be unhealthy.

My lovely husband never forces me to stay with his parents. He is okay that two of us moving to this new house. But, I don’t have the heart to leave his parents behind. Months before the moving, I had an anxiety attacked. I just panic out of nowhere about the issue. My husband had to calm me down. Once, I’m calmed. Everything is okay.

April we moved into this great house. So, we started a new life with my parents in law. For the first month, everything was horribly wrong. Everyone has issued and we’re fighting a lot. I guess this is because we’re adjusting to them and so were they.

However, things slowly to be better. And now I am so grateful that everything turns out great. We were so close now and both of them have been helping me with my cooking videos and house chores. And I love them to death.

To cope with my anxiety I also started to meditate, exercise and staying calm. I try to stay calm whenever anything bad happens. Now, I’m really at peace and I have my husband to thanks for.

Moral of the story, it is important to recognize what you have. Once you recognize it (like me), then you can find a solution to cope with it. At times, my anxiety is good to push me to go further.

Secondly, staying with parents in law are not horrible. Once you get to know them and know that their intention is good, you’ll love them even more.

This is the first time I am so open about my life. I know, the more vulnerable I am, the more I can stay connected to my viewer and be honest with myself.

I hope you’ll have a great year and talk to you soon!

The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.-William Penn

With love? from our simple kitchen to yours.


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