When I was a teenager, I used to join my school volleyball team. Sometimes, I’d injured myself, get bruises and cuts here and there. When I reached home; my dad would be cleaned up my wound.

I didn’t recall he yapping or nagging me about to stop playing volleyball. He understands how much I love playing volleyball. No matter how hard it is.

The understanding our parents had towards us are unconditional love. For that, I am so grateful.

I used to have only one dad in my life. But, seven years ago when I got married, I got another one, and he is equally incredible too.

Now, words can’t describe how much these two fathers mean to me, I wish all the happiness in the world for them and thank you for everything.

Life is more beautiful when you are around.

Happy father’s Day to all the incredible Daddy’s out there.

#father’sday #Happyfather’sday

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