Last month, I was looking for a place to celebrate my sister birthday. And my sister suggested going Grand Harbour Mid Valley Megamall for dim sum. She went there a couple of times for ala-carte menu and found that the food quite good. I did try Grand Harbour, Da Men branch dim sum before, but was not impressed with their food. Just mediocre. However, their ambience is much better than Mid Valley branch.

So, this time around I was very excited to try the Dim Sum at Grand Harbour, Mid Valley Megamall. I bought a promotion voucher from Groupon, and I think it is quite a good deal. I will talk more about it later.

Grand Harbour was located at Mid Valley Megamall, ground floor. The entrance was from the outside of Mid Valley. It was located next to Police station.

Over the years, I learned about going to Mid Valley for dining, shopping or movie is to stay away during a big exhibition or special sales, such as Baby Expo or AEON Member Sales. It was horrible. The traffic around it will be worst, and when you manage to go through the horrible traffic, you have to find parking which can be a disaster too.

But this time, I was just recovering from my sickness, and I forgot to check it. When we’re stuck in the traffic jam and then I realised it was the first day of Baby Expo. The traffic still bearable, but the parking signboard stated all the parking were full. However, we managed to get one. What luck!

Time :
The buffet was from 3 pm to 530pm. We reached about 3 pm past two. Not so bad.

Once we confirmed our reservation, we were seated quickly. The services quite prompt.The waiters and waitress quite nice and helpful.

The ambience was just like another mediocre Chinese restaurant. The Da Men branch had better ambience.

Once we seated, we were given a menu to place the order. You can check out the menu here.

grand-harbour-menu-2 grand-harbour-menu-1
While, we didn’t order all, but I guess most of it. We’re quite disappointed with a few Dim Sum was not available. Almost 6 Dim Sum was not available to order. Especially, Crispy Durian Puff. What a bummer!

So, here is the list of Dim Sum we ordered.


1.Steamed Pork Ribs
The taste is okay, but some of the meat slight chewy.

2. Siu Mai
Quite like it. The meat is juicy and fresh.

3. Pan Fried Shrimp (Wor Tip)
Thin skin but the flavor not up to my liking. But is alright.

4. Steamed Bean Curd Skin with Abalone Sauce
This is okay. Just average.

5. Har Gao
Quite like it. Succulent and juicy prawns. And big too. Love the way they handle their prawns.

6 .Char Siew Bao
Is okay. Average.

1. Shrimp Rice Roll
Over steamed and overcooked prawn. Thick skin too.

2. Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo
Hmm.. this is good. Love it! Sweet and sour.

3. Sui Gao Dumpling
This is poor execution. Lack of flavor and I think it was frozen before because of the meat was hard.

4. Steamed Chicken Feet
Not the best, but is alright.

5. Chinese Tea (unlimited refill)

6. Milk tea (unlimited refill)
Is alright. We didn’t refill, because too full with all the food.

One person can only opt for one drink, from coffee, milk tea or Chinese tea. Once you choose the drink for the first time, that is going to be the drink that you’re allowed to refill.

Total Bill: RM63.60
All You Can Eat Dim Sum
RM31.80 Nett per person
( Inclusive 1 Free Flow Drink and all the taxes)
We bought the vouchers from

Personal Review:
For me, I think the food is average. There are hits and misses, but I think overall is okay.
I do think based on the price offer; it is worth well to try. The price on the menu quite expensive, and RM31.80 All You Can Eat Dim Sum is worth every ringgit.

Tips To viewer:
You can forget about the Sui Kow.

Grand Harbour
Lot GE-017 Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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