Any Takoyaki fan out there? Me! Me! Dave and I love Takoyaki. We used to get our Takoyaki from the night market near our house which is pretty good too for a night market standard.

For any of you wondering what Takoyaki is? It’s a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a specially moulded pan. Typically it filled with diced octopus and served with takoyaki sauce and shavings of dried bonito flakes.

Last August, when we went to Japan for the first time, one of our mission was to eat the best Takoyaki in Japan. So, we went to a few places to get our fix, but we all fail miserably until we went to Dotonburi. Dotonburi has a lot of shop selling Takoyaki, but the good ones, I guess you have to follow the crowd. We managed to try one at Kukuru Takoyaki, and it is super delicious. However, we do notice that Japan Takoyaki does not have cabbage in it, if you expected this, you’re going to be disappointed.Anyway, it’s still good without it.

gindaco 2

We drop by Gindaco last week and the shop quite strategic located at 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall. Same level as the old GSC cinema. It’s hard to miss if you take the escalator to level 3. Once you arrived, the shop is just in front of you.

Parking at Mid Valley can be tricky, and you’ll need lots of patience to find parking. Just avoid peak hour. Like lunch or dinner time.

Gindaco does not provide any table or chair, so basically only take out. The shop set up is nice as you can watch them making the Takoyaki on the side.

Gindaco 1

The menu is quite straightforward; you will notice on top of the cashier or the table. So, the price for six pieces of Takoyaki is RM12.90, and eight pieces are RM15.90. For cheese men taiko takoyaki and teritama takoyaki, it will be RM1 more. The price display is including GST 6%.

We placed our order, Original Takoyaki and was told to wait 10 minutes for the Takoyaki.

Original takoyaki was drizzled with their signature Gindaco sauce topped with dried green seaweed and bonito flakes. After 10 minutes, the Takoyaki was ready, but it was too hot. So, you want to be careful not to burn your mouth. I’ll always cut the Takoyaki in half and lets the hot air comes out before consume.

gindaco 3
The Original Takoyaki was so tasty; the octopus pieces were huge compared to the one we had in Japan. The Takoyaki are slight crispy on the outside, while still soft and gooey on the inside.

I just wish they can add more Gindaco sauce. Dave asked them twice to add more sauce but still not enough. Overall, I think Gindaco Takoyaki is as good as the Takoyaki we had in Japan.

Total Bill: RM15.90 ( Inclusive GST 6%)
Personal Review:
1. If you want to taste the real Japanese Takoyaki, then you should try Gindaco.
2. The price can be slight pricey compared to regular Takoyaki. But hey! You do not need to go Japan to have one, so I guess a plus point?!

Tips To viewer:
You want to request additional sauce on the Takoyaki.

3rd Floor, TK27, Mid Valley.
Opposite Ramen Bankara at Level 3! ?
Operation Hour : 10am-10pm

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