This week video I’m going to share how to make Fried Mushrooms Recipe. This recipe is very simple to make just with a few ingredients. It’s great for the tea break or snacking time. ?.

I love the combination of the dry batter that does not overpower the mushroom. You still can have the crunch and also taste of the mushroom. ?

So I hope you’ll enjoy this week recipe Fried Mushrooms Recipe.

Happy cooking!

With love? from our simple kitchen to yours.

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Fried Mushrooms Recipe| How To Make Fried Mushrooms | Homemade Crispy Fried Mushrooms

Yield: 2 pax

Ingredients :
300g oyster mushroom
1/2 cup Potato Starch
1/4 tsp Salt
A dash of white pepper
Deep Frying Oil

1. Wash and squeeze out the excess water.
2. Combine 1/2 cup Potato Starch, 1/4 tsp Salt and a dash of white pepper in a plastic bag. Shake it well.
3. Add mushroom into the plastic bag and shakes well until all the flour well coated.
4. Transfer the coated mushroom to a sieve and remove the excess flour gently.
5. Heat up a deep frying oil.
6. Deep fry the mushroom until golden brown.
Tip: Keep in mind not to overcrowd the wok at any time.
7. When it starts browning on the bottom, flip them over and let fry until it browns evenly on the whole.
8. Once nicely crisped up and looking golden in color, remove from oil and drain well.
9. Increase the heat to the maximum. Let’s the deep fry oil to be very hot. Add all the mushroom and deep fry again for 30 seconds and transfer to a plate with a paper towel.
Serve with any chili sauce or hot sauce.