My experience with Siu Siu Restaurant, Sg Besi was quite enjoyable. Firstly, I have no high expectation of this restaurant. Why?
1. It’s only served Chinese food which I regularly had.
2. The price quite pricey compared to other Chinese restaurants.
The reason, we were there because it was a treat from my sister and her friend recommended this place.

There were 6 of us going for dinner at Siu Siu Restaurant. Our first intention was to go Siu Siu Restaurant near Lingkaran Midvalley. But, when we called up, the branch mentioned their crab was sold out and asked us to call Sg Besi branch. Which we had.

The place is easy to access from Jalan Sg Besi. It was from the main road. But, I’m not sure why “Waze” and google map brought us to another place which kinda scary. If you were driving from Desa Petaling towards Istana Negara Road, Siu Siu Restaurant is actually on the left-hand side with a big Restaurant Banner.

When visiting a restaurant, ample parking is necessary and Siu Siu Restaurant has lots of parking which kind of nice.

Time :
We went on Saturday for dinner. We reached Siu Siu about 7 pm. And the restaurant yet to become busy, but you can see there were lots of table and chairs.

The place is huge and it has this nice atmosphere with a small bridge and fish pond on the side. And they have a big stage in the centre; I think it is for the wedding function. It is quite comfy inside with good air circulations and fans everywhere. No air-conditioning needed.

Once we were sitting down, we were approached by the staff. They gave us a menu to browse. The price can be intimidating for us because some items can be super pricey especially the seafood, like crab, prawn and fish.
But, when you start checking out other dishes like tofu, la la, vegetable and noodle, the price can be alright.
So, we placed the order with a very helpful uncle.

Service was excellent. We were attended well. They will always fill our Chinese tea and when we called they act promptly.

I’m sorry for the unattractive pictures. I’m using my phone to take and we were too hungry. The food way better than you expected.

1. Claypot Crab’s Meat Rice (S) RM78 ( We ordered 2)

We ordered two portions because there were 6 of us. Each portion served four persons. It was clay pot rice with a huge crab.They will cut the crab into small pieces. To be honest, this was the best crab I ever had in my entire life. The crab meat was tender, juicy and smooth. Everyone at the table agreed on this.The fragrant rice kind of feel like glutinous rice but it’s not. The rice was tasty and aromatic.

2. Barbecue Char Siu (M) RM24.00
Some blogger graded this char siu 10/10. To me this Char Siu was delicious and some of the fat melt in my mouth. The only problem I had with it, was the char siu served cold and everything became hard and slightly gooey. But, I know if this Char Siu served hot, it would get the 10/10 grading.

3. Bittergourd with Siew Yoke RM24
Nothing to shout out. Regular dish.

4. Special Minced Meat Tofu (s) RM15
The tofu was tasty too. Quite a typical dish to order. Especially, when to dine with old folks.

5. Fried Sang Mee (M) RM15
Love this Fried Sang Mee. Enough ” Wok Hei” and out of my expectation.

6. Fried Kam Heong Lala (M) RM30 – Winner
Among all other dishes, overall this is the best. Why?
1. The Lala size was big and juicy.
2. The Kam Heong sauce was spicy, hot and savoury. Goes very well with white rice.

Overall Opinion:
Location, ambience, service and food were excellent. I felt the chef was way more experience than any other Chinese restaurant. The taste and presentation were top notch; only the best chef was able to execute it.

The best things about this place:
1. Crab
2. Kam Heong Lala
3. Char Siu
4. Very Experience Chef
5. Ample Parking

Bill: For six person
Charged GST: 6%
Service Charged: NO




























1. Call to check the crabs availability.

Address :
Restoran Siu Siu Sungai Besi
No. 1 Kampung Satu Seksyen 93,
Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 KL
Tel : 03-9222 2203