I’ll make fish curry on a special occasion. I don’t know why. It’s like a special occasion menu dish. This time, I make it because it is Father’s Day. Both my father and my father in law love Fish Curry, especially the one I make.

When I make fish curry, I will go crazy with the paste and herbs. I want a strong, intense flavour of the curry to infuse the fish. Is that make sense to you? I hope it did. You can use any fish to make it, as long as the fish meat does not easily fall apart. The key to avoiding the fish meat from falling apart is by deep fry the fish ahead and do not cook the fish for too long.

Fish curry is slightly different from chicken curry, chicken curry you can just throw everything in. But, for fish curry, i like to cook the vegetable and the fish separately. I would let the vegetable be softened before adding the fish into the curry. Served this with fluffy white rice and you’ll thank me later.

I hope you’ll like this recipe because we did!

Happy cooking!

FISH CURRY (Malaysian Fish Curry)

Yield: 6 pax

2 -3 x Medium size Red Tilapia Fish (Cut half)
4 x Onions ( Cut half )
4-5 stalks of curry leaves ( only take leaves, remove stalk)
2 cup of Tamarind Water (1.5 tsp tamarind paste (without seed) + 2 cups of water)
4 x Chicken cube (Brand: Knorr)
8-10 Ladyfingers
2 round brinjal ( cut 4)
3 x red chillies ( remove seed)
1 x Tomato (cut half)
1 x blended tomato
1 tbsp mustard seed
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup corn starch
4-5 tbsp Cooking oil
Cooking oil for deep fry
Some Water
Some salt ( Add some when needed)

Curry Paste: ( Mix well )
5 tbsp Fish Curry Powder ( Brand: Babas)
2 tbsp Coriander Powder
2 tbsp Cumin powder
1 tbsp Chili Powder
1 tbsp turmeric powder
100ml water

Blended Paste: Blend until smooth
10 x dried chillies
6 x garlic
10 x shallot
2-inch ginger


Part 1: Fry the fish ( To avoid the flesh easily comes out)
a. Cut half the fish.
b. Clean and pat dry the fish.
c. Cover with corn starch and remove excess flour.
d. Heat up a pan and add cooking oil to deep fry.
e. Deep fry for 3-4 mins each side and remove. Put aside.

Part 2:
a. Blend red chillies, dried chillies, garlic, shallot and ginger until smooth.

Part 3:
a. Mix the curry paste.

Part 4: Time to combine everything.
a. Heat up a wok and add 4-5 tbsp cooking oil.
b. Saute blended paste (Part 2) until fragrant.
c. Add curry paste ( Part 3), cook until the oil start to separate.
d. Add blended tomato; curry leaves & mustard seed. Cook for 1-2 mins.
e. Add onions, red chillies, tomato, brinjals and ladyfingers. Mix well with the paste.
f. Add 2 cup of Tamarind water. Stir to mix everything.
g. Cook until brinjals and ladyfingers soften. Add 1/2-1 cup water when the liquid start to reduce.
h. Add 2 chicken cubes. When necessary, add another 2.
i. Once onions, chillies, tomato, brinjals and ladyfingers cooked, remove from curry sauce.Put in a bowl.
j. Add fried fish to the curry sauce and cover. Let it sit for about 5 mins. Handle gently.
Tip: Do not move the fish often.
k. Remove the fish and put on a plate/bowl with the cooked vegetables. Leave the curry sauce on the stove.
l. Add coconut milk to the curry sauce. Add some salt, if necessary. Cook for 1-2 mins.
m. Pour curry sauce over the fish.

Enjoy with warm fluffy rice!

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