It was that time of the year again, where we took our family trip. I had planned this family trip ( KL-Sitiawan-Lumut) for months before the actual trip and the reason being because I’m not sure what to expect here in Sitiawan and Lumut. Seem like a small town and not much of attraction.

But, I did stumble a few interesting blog that managed to recommend us with some good food in Sitiawan.

We reached Sitiawan about noon and everyone was so hungry. So, our first stop is Restaurant Lee Chuo. Famous for their Loh Mee and Kon Lou Mee ( Dry soy sauce noodle).

Restaurant Lee Chuo was located next to Sitiwan wet market. If I’m not mistaken, it was the only shop that within the wet market compound.

This was a very old restaurant, just like old times. So, quickly we placed our ordered and wait for the food anxiously.

Famous Loh Mee, Sitiawan, Perak


When the food arrived. Its looked presentable and tasty. Everyone was so busy dug in and I managed to snap a few photos here and there.

Famous Loh Mee, Sitiawan, Perak

Famous Loh Mee, Sitiawan, Perak


The Loh Mee came with thick soup and smooth savory broth. The noodle was so smooth and delicate; it just slurps in your throat literally. But, the soapy broth had very strong bamboo shoot which I found quite disturbing.

In another hand, I did love the dry soy sauce noodle or Kon Lou Mee. It came with extra sauce on the noodle which I think quite important element when eating a dry soy sauce noodle.

Famous Loh Mee, Sitiawan, Perak

Famous Loh Mee, Sitiawan, Perak

Another fantastic element to consider was the Price. It was RM3.20 per plate for any noodle, with this portion it is damn cheap! I was totally surprised and i think you can imagine why!

So guys, if you are in the area definitely recommend you guys to check it out and hope you enjoy the food as I do.

Also, check out my mini video on the place and see you guys in my next blog!


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My Personal View:

Ambiance: 5/10

Price: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Food: 7/10



Restaurant Lee Chuo

Kg. Koh Wet Market

Jalan Lumut,

Sitiawan, Perak

GPS: 4.216096, 100.697822