Chinese Steamed Egg is quite popular home cook recipe and also one of my favorite. It’s when you have those crazy schedules and meeting the whole day, and you just need a fast and easy home meal food, this is it!

Chinese Steamed Egg is fast to make without any fuss. The ingredients to make a Chinese Steamed Egg are minimal, and the most important it is a comfort food and suitable for everyone in the family.

Hopefully, you’ll love this recipe.

Chinese Steamed Egg (水蒸蛋)

300ml chicken stock
4 eggs medium size
Dash white pepper
3-4 shallot, slice
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp fried Shallot with oil
1 tbsp spring onions chopped


1. Prepare all ingredients needed.

2.Crack four eggs into a large bowl.

3.Lightly beat eggs and then slowly add in chicken stock.
Tips: Lightly beat eggs to avoid too much air getting into the custard and be sure to strain the egg mixture to get rid of bubbles before

4.Add white pepper and mix well.

5.Strain egg mixture into a shallow heatproof bowl.

6.Cover with heatproof cling wrap.

7.Gently place the bowl onto a prepared steamer.

8. Steam over LOW HEAT for 10 minutes, or until set. And we’re done!
Tips: Do not use high heat when steaming eggs or the texture will be coarse and not smooth.

9. Meanwhile, fry slice shallot till golden brown in oil and set aside.

10.Sprinkle chopped spring onions, fried garlic, light soy sauce over the egg custard and serve hot.

Tips: If you’re not sure if egg custard has set, shake the dish a little and it should be jiggly but firm.

Goes so well with hot steamed rice.

As always, ENJOY!

Bonus Tip : If you don’t have chicken stock, you can always replace with 300ml water, 1/2 tsp salt & 1/8 tsp chicken stock granules. It will taste as good.

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