Did I tell you that my mom in law makes a kick-ass chicken porridge? Yeap, she did.

Since her chicken porridge recipe is beyond delicious, we never get any porridge from outside stall.

For me, my first impression of good chicken porridge is when you really can’t recognize any shape of the rice in the porridge. It turns to this rich and creamy looking white porridge.

Another one outstanding feature of my mother in law Chicken Porridge that stands out from others is the heat or temperature of the porridge when it serves.

Because the technique of making this Chicken Porridge Recipe requires 1-1.50 hours on high medium heat, so you will surely have a hot serving chicken porridge compare to outside stall. Whenever we finish the Chicken Porridge, the Chicken Porridge still retains its hotness.

And the beauty of making your Chicken Porridge at home is you can have all the best ingredients you love. And what we show in the video is just the combination of ingredients that we love. You absolutely can change up the ingredients or adjust according to your likeness.

So, here the Chicken Porridge Recipe, and we hope you enjoy it so much as we did!



Chicken Porridge Recipe Malaysia | How To Make A Delicious Chicken Porridge?

Yield: 4 -5 pax

300g Rice
10 Dried Oysters, sliced smaller pieces
8pcs Dried scallops, small
4 pcs Dried scallops, big
400g chicken thigh meat, cut into bite-size
1x chicken breast
4.50-liter water
A small handful salted vegetable, optional

Marinate Rice with:-
1/2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt

1.50 tsp salt or to taste

Garnish with :
20g young ginger, julienne
Two stalks spring onion, chopped
1 x Century egg, sliced
1 x boiled a salted egg, sliced
1/2 tsp sesame oil
A dash of pepper

Method :
1. Using a deep pot, add 4.5-liter water and let it comes to a boil.

2.Wash 300g rice until the water becomes clear.

3. Marinate Rice with:-
1/2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt

4. When the water comes to a boil, add the rice, dried oysters & salted vegetable.

Tip: You should add rice after the water is boiling. This is to avoid the rice from sticking the pot bottom.

5. Cook the rice on high heat and uncover. Occasionally, stir the rice.
Tip: Do not stir the porridge too often.

6. Halfway through, add chicken breast, cook the chicken breast for about 15-20min. Remove and let it cool down before shred the chicken breast.

7. Add eight dried scallops to the porridge. The eight scallops suppose to enhance flavor to the chicken porridge.

8. Once the porridge started to become thicker (it will begin to splash), add four big scallops and the chicken meat. The other four big scallops will retain the flavor a little when you’re eating the porridge.

9. It takes about 1-1.50 hours to cook the porridge. When the porridge becomes thicker or started to splash easily, that is when the porridge is done.

10.Season with 1.50 tsp salt or to taste

10. Serve the porridge in a bowl and top with chopped shredded chicken, spring onion, century egg, salted egg, ginger slices, a dash of white pepper, and sesame oil.