You guys, I’ve been keeping this chicken curry recipe from you for months. Not intentionally, but because I’m trying to perfect the recipe as much as possible.

I’ve to cook Chicken Curry for years, and I’ve made countless Curry recipes, but this particular recipe disappears almost within minutes of serve.

I love making chicken curry in a big portion and have some leftover for later. Leftover curry is better as the taste develop overnight. But, be sure to put it in the fridge.

Chicken curry is so delicious and great with steamed rice and white bread, its heat up the whole body and sometimes we even sweating while eating it. But, No Sweat, No Gain right?

I love this chicken curry so much because the intense and spicy flavor from curry powder, chili powder, curry leaves, coconut milk and all the other spices enhances the rich and creaminess of the curry. Plus my kitchen smell of curries is enough to set my belly rumbling and mouthwatering.

The secret to making a successful chicken curry is the curry paste. You need to make sure the curry paste is fragrant before throwing in the chicken. It’s crucial steps in making a delicious chicken curry.

This chicken curry is kind of become my signature dish to cook. Do you have a signature recipe?

You know, the recipe that everyone expects you to make and cook and they’re super bummed if you didn’t make it.

If you don’t, this one will quickly become that recipe for you.

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Good luck!

Chicken Curry | Chicken Curry Malaysian Style | Chicken Curry Recipe | Kari Ayam

Serves: 4-6 person

Ingredients :
1 kg chicken, cut into small pieces
8 tbsp cooking oil
3 Lemongrass
1 onion, cut into 4 pieces
A handful curry leaves
1 star anise
1 cardamom
1 cinnamon
2 cloves
3 medium size potatoes, cut into big chunks or cut into 4 pieces
600ml water
300ml coconut milk ( combination of 200ml thick coconut milk + 100ml water)
2 x chicken stock cubes (Brand: Knorr)

Marinate chicken meat with:-
1 tbsp curry powder
1/2 tbsp chili powder
Mix well

Blend ingredients: – A
1 tbsp Dry shrimp, soak in hot water until soften about 30 mins.
6-7 Shallot, cut into small pieces for easy blending
3 cloves garlic, cut into small pieces for easy blending
Add 1 tbsp water

Curry Paste:
1.50 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp chili powder
4 tbsp water

Method :

1.Cut 3 medium size potatoes into 4 pieces.

2.Cut Lemongrass and take the white part. Bruise the lemongrass with a knife.

3.Marinate chicken meat with:-
1 tbsp curry powder
1/2 tbsp chili powder
Mix well
Marinate at least 15 mins.

4.Blend until smooth ingredients A & set aside.

5. Mix all the curry paste ingredients.

6. Boil potatoes about 10-15 mins.The potatoes are done when they are tender all the way through.
Tip: I prefer to cook my potatoes separately from the chicken because I like to have a softer consistency.
If I were to cook together with the chicken meat, sometimes the potatoes are still uncooked and the chicken will be overcooked.

7. Heat up a wok with 8 tbsp of cooking oil.
Tip: I like to add the oil gradually so that I’m not using too much oil. Start with 4 tbsp of oil and add gradually at the end.

8. Stir-fry 1 star anise,1 cardamom,1 cinnamon and 2 cloves for about 30 seconds also.

9. Add blended ingredients A. Cook until fragrant about 1-2 mins.

10. Add curry leaves, curry paste, and lemongrass. Cook until oil starts to separate from the paste and the color becomes golden orange.

11. Add chicken meat and mix well. Then, add about 100ml water. Let the chicken meat soaking all the water and stir for a few seconds.

12. Add about 500ml water. Stir well. Cook until chicken is tender.

13. Halfway through, add onion.

14. For seasoning, add 2 chicken stock cubes.
Tip: If you omit chicken stock cubes, you can use salt and sugar for seasoning. But, I found by adding 2 chicken stock cubes, the taste is perfect.

15. Once the chicken meat is cooked, reduce to low heat. Add 300ml coconut milk. ( combination of 200ml thick coconut milk + 100ml water) Stir well.

16. Increase the heat, give a quick stir and let the chicken curry comes to a boil. Once it boils, immediately switch off the heat. Do not overcook it.

17. Enjoy with warm fluffy rice or even with an old plain bread.


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