We bumped to this place when we were trying to catch a movie in GSC Cinema, Mid Valley. After redeem our free birthday movie ticket from GSC .( Yes, GSC offers two free movie tickets for your birthday month, go and check out their website for this).
So, we thought a nice meal before the movie would be excellent. And the nearest selection will be Cantin. Besides, we were not in the mood of another choice like Japanese food and burger.

We were there around 330pm on the weekdays and Cantin kind of nice and decent from the outside, we’re happy to just ditched the lunch crowd as only a few tables were occupied.

We walked in the shop without any expectation and came out with bursting flavour in our mouth. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

Cantin located inside Mid Valley Megamall. It is at Level 3, where the old GSC Cinema was, by the escalator. It hard to miss the shop.

It takes a while for us to find parking in Mid Valley, sometimes if we’re lucky enough, we’ll get it in a minute. But at times, it can drag up 10 to 15 mins to just get parking in Mid Valley. Mid Valley is one of the most famous shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur, so I guess there are always lots of crowd coming in this place.

Looking for parking in Mid Valley Mall can be a pain to deal with. Especially during a big exhibition or a big sale inside the shopping mall. You want to avoid that time to visit the mall.

The shop is clean and nicely decorated with some artificial plants, cutlery and tissue on the table. While on the wall, they display shop speciality or best seller food. Quite simple and neat, it looks minimalist.

Cantin-Menu 1

Cantin does serve variety of food from local to western food; this means you have plenty of variety to choose from. The menu even stated food which is spicy with an indication of chilli on the side. To be a safe bet, I’ll always go with the “chef recommend” (tick). I wish they can put more pictures of food on the menu instead of wording only; it will be more attractive.
After consideration, we decided to go with curry laksa and spaghetti mushroom sauce.

The Cantin staffs were friendly and approachable. Once we were seated, they provided us with the menu. Ordering was easy breezing. Food served within 10-15 minutes. Overall, the service was excellent.

cantin-curry laksa

Curry Laksa RM12.50
Hands down one the best curry laksa ever. Not even myself can pull off this recipe. Just a slurp of the soup, it just blows my mind; how perfect the soup was. The curry laksa is full of flavours- rich coconut cream soup, the spiciness of the chilli with mild Tom Yum flavour and fragrance of spices and herbs; it just elevated itself from the regular curry laksa to become one of the best curry laksa in my book. Also, the bee hoon is easy soaked up all the deliciousness from the sauce.

This curry laksa comes with one big piece of chicken, a few thin slices of fish cake, potatoes and long beans. I wish it comes with cockles. But, I guess with the delicious curry laksa soup like this, the cockles no longer in my mind.

Cantin spaghetti mushroom sauce

Spaghetti Mushroom Sauce RM18.90
Spaghetti Mushroom Sauce comes with spaghetti (thinner version), carbonara sauce and top with some mushroom and chicken pieces. It was tasty, creamy and a hint of fragrant from the herbs just distinguished it from mediocre carbonara sauce.

The carbonara sauce was flavour well with a good quality butter, chopped onion and British herbs. You can taste a smooth butter and lemon flavour in the sauce; I’m not sure it is from the bay leaves or Thyme? But, it’s sure to smell and taste good.

Overall, the dining experience was great.

Total Bill: RM32.95 ( inclusive 6% GST + 4% Service Charged = Total 10%)

Personal Review:
1. One of the best Curry Laksa I ever tested. On the downside, I wish they’d add some cockles.
2. Spaghetti Mushroom sauce is equally good too.
3. I am so full after the meal, because the portion is huge, even for the spaghetti.
4. The price was reasonable with a huge portion, great food and the location is in Mid Valley, what can I ask more?

Tips To viewer:
Bring along your Watson Card, and get 10% rebate.
(We received the rebate when visiting this place on 19/8/2016)

T-026, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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