Two days ago, my mom in law coming back from my sister in law’s house. She has been talking about BLACK VINEGAR PIG TROTTER that she cooked for them. How good it is and delicious the dish it and so on and on about it.

And she brought back three bottles of Black Sweet Rice Vinegar. She said this brand, it is difficult to find in any grocery shop, so I bought three to keep.

I said, okay. If that the case, we must cook one here and create a video about this dish. So that, I can share with my audience. She has agreed, and other thing is history.

If you ask me, I am not a fan of this dish or any pork knuckle or trotter dish. I prefer to eat chicken and fish.

But, over the years my mom in law has a way asking me to try her dish and me being me, hard for me to turn her down. Turned out the BLACK VINEGAR PIG TROTTER is delicious to eat and I just keep on drinking till the bowl empty.

My mom secret ingredients of making this BLACK VINEGAR PIG TROTTER is the Black Sweet Rice Vinegar itself. She has been trying lots of brand over the years, only one brand that makes her happy.

The brand is Hei Mi Chu, Kilang Kicap Swee On Woh Sdn Bhd. The factory address is in Penang, Malaysia.

If you’re using this brand, you can omit any seasoning. No sugar or salt needed to add. However, if you’re unable to get this brand, use any brand that available and adjusts the seasoning of the soup according to your liking.

So, hope you like my mom BLACK VINEGAR PORK TROTTER!

Tell me about it when you make this. I’d love to know.

Happy Cooking!

With love? from our simple kitchen to yours.

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Yield: 6 persons

1kg old ginger ( Crushed)
2kg Pork Trotters/Knuckles ( about 2 pieces of Trotters or Knuckles, cut into small sizes)
2 bottles ( 600ml each) of Black Sweet Rice Vinegar ( The secret ingredients)
( Brand: Hei Mi Chu, Kilang Kicap Swee On Woh Sdn Bhd)
200ml water
3 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp dark sauce

1. Wash and air dry the ginger. Keep the ginger skin. Get a clear plastic bag add a few gingers, using a cleaver crush the ginger. Do it by batches.
2. Wash and clean the pork trotters/knuckles. Remove any visible hair.
3. Bring 2-liters of water to a boil and add the pork trotters/knuckles.
4. Blanch for about 2-3 minutes.
5. Transfer to a bowl and rinse with cold water.
6. Remove any visible white part or skin layer underneath the pork trotters/knuckles. ( you can watch the video)
7. Heat up a pot. Add 3 tbsp sesame oil.
8. Add the crushed ginger. Stir fry until fragrant. About 30 seconds to a minute also.
9. Pour in 2 bottles of Black Sweet Rice Vinegar. Add some water to the bottle, to wash out the remaining Black Sweet Rice Vinegar liquid. About 200ml water.
10. Add 1 tsp dark sauce.
11. Cover the pot and lets it comes to a boil.
12. Once boiling, add the pork trotters.
13. Cover again. Cook with Medium-Low heat. Let it cook for about 1-1.50 hour.

a. If you think the soup is too sour, feel free to add some sugar.
b. Scope out oil layer on the soup.


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