I love fruits and juicing. I try to juice everyday but sometimes it is just impossible to do it. But, at least i will try to juice 3 times a week.

i love juicing so much that i will mix and match whatever i have in the fridge. Regardless of
any fruit or vegetable. My motto, “Don’t let it get rot, just juice it.”

Today,i’m going to share with you one of my healthy juice recipe, Bitter Melon & Green Apple

Bitter Melon and Green Apple have tremendous benefit to our body. Check out these facts.

Bitter melon, or Goya, is commonly used for beneficial health reasons. Bitter melon is also
referred to as bitter gourd, Karela, or Balsam Pear. The melon has an extremely bitter taste,
but it is a helpful food.

Benefit of Bitter Melon:
1.Some studies have shown that bitter melon lowers blood sugar through increased
metabolism of glucose.

2.Bitter melon can be helpful in ridding the body of kidney stones through naturally breaking
them down. Bitter melon reduces high acid that help produce painful kidney stones.

3.Help lower dangerous cholesterol levels with bitter melon. Reducing cholesterol significantly reduces heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

4.One of the most surprising health benefits of bitter melon is its anti-cancer properties. Bitter melon has been shown to disrupt the production of glucose, potentially inhibiting the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.

5.Bitter melon is said to have a “glowing” effect on the skin and is helpful in treating acne,
psoriasis, and eczema.

6.Bitter melon is extremely low in calories and very filling. Lose, or maintain a healthy weight,
with bitter melon.

Benefit of Green Apple:

1.It contains a lot of fibre, which helps clean the system and increases metabolism. This
therefore helps in free bowel movement.

2.It contains, a number of minerals – iron, zinc, copper, potassium, etc. which are trace
minerals and are a must for human health and well being. The iron in apple is a trace element and it helps in raising the levels of blood oxygen and helps in increased metabolic rate.

3.It contains Vitamin C which helps in preventing damage against skin cells by free radicals
and thus reduces the chances of skin cancer.

4.It contains anti-oxidants which help in cell re-building and cell rejuvenation. This also helps
you in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. The antioxidants also protect your liver and
ensure its proper functioning.

5.Having an apple every day prevents chances of old-age neurological disorders like

6.Taking apple juice regularly can prevent chances of asthma which is a hypersensitive
allergic disorder.

7.Apples prevent diabetes. It is a must have for diabetics.

Happy Juicing!

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Bitter Melon & Green Apple Juice

Serve :1 person

Ingredients :
1 Bitter Melon
1/2 Green Apple
4 cup of cold water

1. Remove the seed of bitter melon and green apple.
2.Cut bitter melon and green apple to small pieces.
3. In a blender, blend bitter melon, green apple and add water.
4.Pour in the juice to a sieve cloth and extract the juice.


Tip :
I’m using a blender and sieve cloth because i do not like to use fruit processor. But, you can
used it, if you have one.