First of all,who doesn’t like banana? I know i do… a lot. Those day when i was a kid, banana was so cheap and at times we got our banana for free from neighbours who own a banana tree. I just love those old days when most of the things were free or just grew wildly.

Normally, in the late afternoon or evening the banana fritter’s vendor will start selling their banana fritters. And i was one of those kids who queue to buy banana fritters and love to eat one.

For me banana fritters should taste crunchy, sweet and little bit of saltiness to balance up the sweetness. So, i tried a few recipes to make a good banana fritters. But, end up i still prefer the “cheat” version, by using Adabi banana fritters flour. It just taste better.

So, in Malaysia this Adabi Banana Fritter flour is easy to access but in other country i’m just not sure. May be you can try with Tempura flour or any other banana fritter flour brand.

But, i just want to give some heads up on the tips of getting the right Banana Fritters. So, check out my video for more tips.
Happy Cooking!

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Banana Fritters/Pisang Goreng Recipe (With Tips)

145ml water ( Pour 100ml and follow by 45 ml later)
100g Adabi Banana Fritters Flour
1/4 tsp salt
6-7 Banana ( Medium Ripe)
Cooking oil for deep fried

Method :
1. In a bowl, add 100g Adabi Banana Fritter Flour.
2. Add 1/4 tsp salt.
3. Add 100 ml water. Mixed well.
4. Add 45 ml water, stir well.
Tips : Make sure your batter is thick. Should not be too watery.
5. Time to peel and cut banana. Cut the banana in half.
Tips : Cut the banana after the batter is ready. To avoid banana turn brownish.
6. Heat up a pan for deep frying.
7. Add oil till enough for deep frying.
8. Wait until the oil is super hot.
Tips: You can drip 1-2 drops of batter to check the temperature. If the batter quickly sizzling and floating. Then, it hot enough.
9. Dip banana to the batter, well coated and deep fry.
10. It took about 2-3 mins to cook. Or cook until banana become golden brown.
Tips : Do not cook the banana too long because the banana will soften and become sticky.
11. Remove and put on a plate/bowl.
12. Enjoy while it hot. Serve with hot drinks or coffee.