To be brutally honest, i am not a coffee fan at all, i wish i was and sometimes i do desperately want to be part of it. To be in denial, i even bought boxes of coffee and hopefully will love it even more by keeping it by my side. But, i’m just not. Deal with it Luveena!

But, i do love the smell of hot, brew coffee in the morning. Its so soothing and fragrant, it just an addictive smell.

Though, i’m not a lover, i’m also not a coffee hater. I do occasionally had 1-2 cup of coffee a week. When, i do had one, i prefer to have a worth value coffee.

So, the other day, i had a chance to visit Bangsar Village. My plan was to have a banana leaf rice that day. But, the shop was so crowded that i was not comfortable to wait for it. We just walked over to another near by shop for a Kelantanese rice which i will talk to you in my next blog post.

After a heavy lunch, we decided to have a good quality coffee. So, we bumped in to Artisan Coffee Bars at Bangsar Village 2 level 1.

The atmosphere at Artisan Coffee Bar is surrounded with wooden tables with bricks. It’s simple deco with coffee aroma fills the bar, makes it a nice place to hang out alone or with friends.

Artisan 2

We had hot latte and Iced Mocha. This was my first time here and i’m quite shocked with the quantity of coffee given. Both, drinks were served in a small glass. It almost 50% less compared to a normal coffee we had. But, still i’m intrigued on the taste. Because, it smell amazing in the bar.

When the coffee were served.

Iced Mocha , RM14.84
The Iced Mocha had rich flavour, bitterness and chocolatey taste. I fall in love instantly. Just the way i love it, or even more. One of the best Iced Mocha i ever had.

Latte, RM12.72
The latte had delicious taste, amazing smell and just irresistible.

I would said, Artisan Coffee Bar does live up to their reputation. I adore this place and will definitely come again for a good coffee.

Happy Coffee Break!

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Artisan Coffee Bar
UG, Bangsar Village 2
2 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Mon – Sun 10am till 10pm


Facebook: Artisan Roast

My Personal View:
Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Service: 7/10