We suppose to pay a visit to this place next week, but we’re around Mid Valley, and I can’t wait another week to try out this restaurant, An Viet.

We all knows that Vietnamese Food is kind of blooming all over the world, even President Obama loves it!

People feels Vietnam food is more healthy in certain ways, may be just the way they cook or the combination of fresh ingredients that give it away. I’m not sure. But, I’m hell sure to try the Vietnamese food at An Viet. Personally, Vietnam food can look the same with any Asian food, but it doesn’t taste the same.Not even close, I tell you.

Come back to An Viet; it’s located at lower ground floor of The Gardens Mall, nearby famous Ding Tai Fung restaurant. The ambience kind of nice. There are lots of frame on the wall about ordering wisely and avoid food wastage.You can be customised to a lesser portion of rice to vermicelli or any noodles, and no extra charges imposed, which I think kind of nice concept.


Once, we were seated; a rectangular menu was given to us. The menu comes with pictures of each dish, which makes it easier for us to choose as the names sounded pretty foreign to both of us. It takes a well for us to place the order because everything looks unique and my saliva keep drooling inside.LOL.

Before putting an order, we just ask a few questions about the food. Like does it a best seller? how’s it taste? sweet? savoury? tangy? Guess what the answer we got? The waiter said, ” hmm… i don’t know.” And i was puzzled. It just hit me on the spot that An Viet should put some effort to train their staff. The front liner were not impressive at all. I’m not impress, but i just put my disappointment aside as I’d like to enjoy the food.

After, putting our order. The drink was the first to arrived. Always isn’t it!


Hot Vietnamese Drip Coffee With Condensed Milk (Ca Phe Sua-Nong) RM7.90
This is a Vietnamese drip coffee; aromatic and rich. I like the bitterness in the Vietnamese coffee. Besides, I was given a condensed milk on the side to customised the sweetness by my own. I love that!


Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup With Chicken Set (Pho Ga Set) RM19.90 with three small bites of the day.

Pho is the most popular Vietnamese food. So, when we think of Vietnamese food, pho is the food that instantly comes to mind. Pho’s soup was boiled for long hours and it was well flavoured with chicken essence yet it was remained clear. To eat, just put in the mint leaves, bean sprouts and squeeze in the lime juice. Sadly, the pho here fell short of expectations. It can be quite bland, on top i was given a dried quarter lime and the bean sprout doesn’t look fresh. Will be happier if they can serve fresh ingredients as the cold storage not too far.

Since this was a set, it comes with a few small bites like a Vietnamese spring roll, Vietnamese salad and one piece meatball. Vietnamese spring roll is just okay. The Vietnamese salad is really unique flavour, taste fresh, sweet and savoury with a hint of lime juice. The meatball was kind of hard and I don’t really like it.


Grilled Rice Paper With Minced Pork ( Banh Trang Nuong) RM8.90

This Grilled Rice Paper With Minced Pork is quite interesting and unique to try. It’s a quite popular as a street food in Vietnam.This grilled rice paper is like a thin crust pizza, it was crispy and loaded with full of amazing toppings. The version at An Viet was loaded with minced pork, green onion, eggs, shallots etc. It’s much better to enjoy when it’s still warm. It’s so crunchy, aromatic from the shallot and pork.

After finishing our drink and food. Our Grilled Lemongrass Chicken With Rice Set still not ready. We’re quite frustrated and almost gave up. As when we’d like to give up, the food arrived. We have been waiting nearly 30 mins for this food. Luckily, it worth the wait. I guess, they save the best for last.

an viet 6

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken With Rice Set (Ga Nuong Xa Ot set) RM21.90 with three small bites of the day.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken was well marinated with lots of spices; the smell is irresistible, and my saliva was drooling inside out. Using Lemongrass as the clip to the chicken infused the lemongrass flavour well. The way An Viet grilled the chicken with slight charred was a plus point too; I’m not a fan of heavily charred meat.

The set comes with rice, a sunny up egg and small bites like a vietnamese spring roll, Vietnamese salad and clam soup. So, you know my thought about the Vietnamese spring roll and salad. But, the clam soup was a wow! I don’t expect a little small clam soup can be super delicious. The clams were fresh, went well with the tangy, slightly spicy broth.

Total Bill for two persons: RM68.35 ( Inclusive 10% Service Charge + 6% GST)

Personal Review:
1. Must order Grilled Lemongrass Chicken With Rice Set.
2. Prices are moderate.
3. Service can be improved.
4. If you like unique and something then your regular food. Should give it a try!

An Viet
Location: An Viet, Lot LG-203B (Lower Ground Floor), The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening times: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily.Tel:
+60 3-2201 1181


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