I always amazed with Air frying tecnology that i decided to grab a unit of Phillip air fryer. And to be honest, i never regret my decision ever since.

This technology not only healthier but time saving too. I love my Phillip Air Fryer and so happy to try all those AF recipe.

For my first air fry recipe, this is actually a recipe contributed by the wonderful internet people but i did some adjustment to my taste.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Happy Cooking!

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Air Fry Crispy Chicken Wings

Serve : 2-3 person

Ingredients :
4 chicken wings
Some KFC fried chicken flour ( Just enough to coat the chicken)
1 x egg White
Some Salt and pepper to season

1. Wash clean the chicken wings. Pat dry it.
2. Season with some salt and pepper.
3. Dip chicken with the egg white.
4. Then, coat with KFC fried chicken flour.
5. Marinate for about 30mins or more.
6. Spray the chicken with oil.
7. Spray the AF basket as well, to avoid chicken stick on it.
8. Pre-heat 160c for 3 mins.
9. Air Fry 160c for 10 mins.
10. Continue Air Fry for 200c for 5 mins or until golden in color.