Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, The Gardens, Mid Valley City- Food Review

We had a chance to go Mid Valley City on this lovely Thursday afternoon to make some business transaction. And to be honest I love Mid Valley shopping complex, for me, it is one of a complete shopping mall in Klang Valley. Mid Valley has a wide range of target market customers, from lower income to high-end income customer. They have something for everyone.

We’ve been making a pass on Lye Fong Taiwan Restaurant for several times because the place is always crowded with people. And I don’t like to have my lunch with people that sit very close to me and can hear every conversation I discuss. I felt a breach in my privacy. But, today I make an exception. Even though it is still crowded but no queue lining outside the restaurant so we decided, yes today is the day we should try Lye Fong.

fong lye 2

We were seated on two person table, and next to us another two person table. I hate this two person table because I don’t have enough place to put my bag. But, sometimes we just have to suck it up. It is lunch time and, there is no way people will allow us a 3-4 person table.

When, our next table was occupied. It’s disaster. We can hear every conversation they said. I don’t want to listen to it, but it quite hard when you’re too close. My husband and I barely talking to each other on our lunch date, because we would think if we can hear them, they definitely can hear us too. Funny enough, I listened to the next guy is on a gluten diet and he can’t have anything that has carbs or sugar. But, he can’t help ordering San Bei Jiu Chicken set. He didn’t touch his rice. I guess, the San Bei Jiu Chicken is hard to pass even if you were on a gluten diet.

The menu in Lye Fong consist lots of sets. It is not too difficult to choose what you want to eat. So, we placed the order. The services were fast, and the waiters and waitresses were mostly foreigners, but they were efficient.

With a full house occupancy, they still can deliver their food quickly. We received our food in less than 15 minutes.

3 Variety Supreme Chicken or Three Cup Chicken ( San Bei Ji) RM24.30
The dish is a popular dish in Taiwan, but I think it’s originated from China. The dish derived its name from three cups of sauces required to cook this dish, a cup each of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil are added. San Bei Ji was served with a small stove underneath the plate just to maintain the temperature of the dish, with some delicious cucumber, fried and crunchy taro and prawn/lobster ball on the side.
It is a set, so they served with a bowl of rice top with braised pork (Lu rou fan) and a bowl of Chinese soup.
I like the presentation and thoughtfulness of the dish. The gestures are nice. For the taste, I definitely feel it taste so much better than the one I had in Taiwan a few years back.
The San Bei Ji was a generous portion of 6 pieces chicken and served with warmed and thick braised soy sauce with a hint of ginger, garlic and basil.It’s so mouth-watering and delicious. A dish to call a winner here.

fong lye 5

BBQ Drumstick Set RM24.30
The BBQ Drumstick was served with braised pork (Lu rou fan), with three side dishes ( same as the San Bei Ji) and a bowl of soup. The BBQ Drumstick just average. Nothing special to mention. And, the BBQ Chicken was served with a small stove underneath a plate. I like that.

Fong Lye 1

Pineapple Snow Mountain RM9.80
Pineapple Snow Mountain price was almost the same as some of the drinks in Fong Lye; it’s surprised us. Instead of going for tea or coffee that cost same as the price, I rather go for its dessert.
To be honest, I don’t expect anything from this dessert. And it ends up quite nice. The pineapple flavouring and sweetness were alright, as long as you have it before the ice melt on you. Once, it became watering; its can be a little sweet. But, still nice to have. However, the coolness of the first bite is like when you’re in Genting Highland and sipping your first Iced Blended Mocha.

Fong Lye 4

The Total Bill is RM68.10 ( Inclusive Service Charge 10% RM5.84 + GST 6% RM3.85)

Overall, the food is average and on the side note, we felt the food enhancer could be a little bit strong here, and maybe they should tone down the salt and Ajinomoto.

Fong Lye Restaurant
Lot T208, 3rd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Personal View:
1. If you come here, San Bei Ji is a must to order.
2. Do not come during lunch and dinner time. A bad idea, too crowded.

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